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*This is a sponsored post in conjunction with forpow however, all opinions are my own.

Today I wanted to talk about something that not everyone likes to talk about, but that everyone uses —toilets. It also happens to be my least favorite chore!

Let’s face it, no matter how much you clean them, toilets are one of the “germiest” places in the house. With the upcoming holidays, they are also going to get more use, due to extra company coming over. The winter months are also the most common times for germs to spread and illness.

Did you know some of the bacteria that cause these illnesses can live in your bathroom for weeks?

forpow has designed a UV Toilet Sterilizer that has a 99% sterilization rate. It produces the proper amount of ozone to remove odor, and purifies the air around. It even reduces the growth of mold spores.

While the forpow UV Sterilizer doesn’t clean your toilet, it does get rid of any odors and kills most germ causing bacteria.

Here’s How it Works

It features an ultraviolet band 253.7 that destroys and kills the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses to prevent illness and has over 12,000 service hours. Oxygen in the air can be decomposed into the ozone by the ultraviolet light and band. The ozone then works to destroy the bacteria wall which sterilizes and helps to remove odors.


It’s super easy to install and has 3m adhesive, so no tools are required.

UV Toilet Sterilizer

Included in the box were the UV Toilet Sterilizer, charging cable, dust plug and alcohol wipe.

*Note: Make sure it is fully charged before using. It is powered by a lithium battery and can be recharged after use.


To Install

  • Take the alcohol wipe and wipe the inside of the toilet lid and then wait a second for the alcohol to dry
  • Tear the adhesive 3m tape off the base, and then fasten the device to the center inside of the toilet by pressing for 20 seconds
  • wait 24 hours or at least overnight before attaching the light (to make sure it gets a good hold before adding the weight of the light)


To Use the Sterilizer

  • Press the button and a blue indicator light will turn on.
  • Close the lid for sterilization for 6 minutes, and it will shut off automatically when it is finished.




Enter the UV Toilet Sterilizer giveaway below and keep your bathroom free of germs and smelling fresh this holiday season! It can also be used in other areas besides the bathroom such as in closets, pet areas, the kitchen and more!

It’s also great if you plan on doing any traveling since it’s portable and can be used in hotel bathrooms as well!

You can also find out more and how to order by going to https://goo.gl/P3UeMg

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