Our Hidden Secrets: The Toughest Things Every Mom Has To Go Through



Being a parent isn’t always easy. From the changes your body goes through during pregnancy, to the extreme exhaustion of looking after a small baby, to the challenges that come with parenting teens and learning how to let go and allow our kids to spread their wings, there are a lot of difficulties that come with parenthood. Are they worth it? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that our lives are always easy. Here are some of the hardest things that every mom has to go through – and how you can use your mom powers to get through it.

Problem: Head lice. Letters get sent home from school about head lice going around between the children and then your kid gets home and starts scratching their head. You feel your heart sink – and all of a sudden your head begins to itch too…

How To Use Your Mom Powers: Get out to the pharmacy, buy head lice shampoo and a fine tooth comb, and get combing. It will be gross but it would be much grosser to ignore the problem and let it get worse. If you’re super busy, you can always call in professionals like The Hair Whisperers to get the job done.mother-1245764_1920



Problem: Stomach flu. You’re on red alert the second that a kid gets home from school and starts talking about having a sore belly, or with the first diaper of your toddler’s you change that… isn’t completely normal. When the throwing up at 2AM begins, you feel your heart sink. You know that’s it for the next week, that the virus will rip through your family, that you’ll have to do superhuman amounts of laundry, that you will clean up incredible amounts of bodily fluids over the next few days, and that you will probably get sick yourself.

How To Use Your Mom Powers: Even if you can’t usually deal with poop and puke, your mom instincts invariably take over and you do what has to be done. You will clean up, you will hold your poor feverish kid in the bathtub until they’ve cooled down, you will sing them back to sleep before you wake up two hours later to crying and it all starting over again. Just make sure that they stay hydrated and remember you will get through it and you will all be healthy again soon!

Problem: Issues with friends. There is nothing more upsetting than your child being upset – even though you might feel a little relieved that the tears are ‘only’ because their supposed best friend wouldn’t share their ball at recess, it’s still horrible to see them upset.

How To Use Your Mom Powers: All your kid needs right now is a lot of love and support. Spend time with them, reassure them that you love them and that they haven’t done anything wrong, and let them have extra ice cream for dessert before watching Finding Nemo for the hundredth time with a cup of hot chocolate. Encourage them to speak to other kids in the schoolyard and to extend their friendship circle and they’ll be fine again in no time.



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