Need A Happy Mom Boost? A Few Ways Your Kids Will Have It Better Than Ever

Somewhere along the way, the idea of progress has somehow become something that bothers people. And that’s odd, isn’t it? Don’t misunderstand – progress for its own sake is pointless. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and all that. But in our everyday life, and particularly when it comes to health and wellness, how can you hate progress? I’m not talking about big technology here, just simple development.

The simple truth is that for those of us who have been alive for a few decades now – and that’s everyone from 25 up, really – we’ve seen a lot of change. And nostalgia is an understandable reaction to change. But set against that, there is the fact that if you went back thirty years, knowing what you know now, you’d hate it. You’d suddenly be SO hamstrung. For example…

Our Healthy Eating Options Have Got So Much Better

Now, maybe you have a dietary intolerance, and maybe you don’t. But it isn’t something that has just happened to people recently. It’s always been around and we didn’t know as much about it. In 1986 supermarkets, there was no gluten free bread. There was no non-dairy ice cream. And people had the choice to do without, or eat something tasty and then feel awful.

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Lost A Tooth? Sucks To Be 1986 You!

As time has gone on, options in elective dentistry have exploded. If you lost teeth through neglect, or through an accident, it used to be that you’d get dentures. And ask anyone who wears dentures how much fun that is. You have to take them out at night. Clean them separately. Worry about losing them if you eat an apple. 2016 You can eat whatever you want if you have dental implants. They act just like regular teeth. It’s better.




Keeping Your Focus Is Easier

When someone says to you “fifty years ago people didn’t stop working because they were stressed,” they may be right. But a lot more people stopped working because they died. We’ve developed ways of dealing with problems that marginalized people. For example, light sensitivity is a primary cause of stress for people, and they may not even know it. But the development of tinted glasses to deal with visual stress and reading difficulties is a significant one.




If you find it hard to focus on a screen or a page while reading, get checked out for Irlen Syndrome. No-one talked about it a few decades ago. Now, a mere pair of tinted glasses could restore your sanity.

And While We’re Talking Sanity…

There is a lot of dangerous nonsense talked about mental health even today. The idea conditions like anxiety and depression are just character traits and people should “get over it” still gets coverage. But it also gets challenged a lot more, and people can get treatment more easily.

People, including those in the public eye, are more open about conditions like ADHD, OCD, and others. And it means there is less of a stigma to admitting a problem. As a result, there is less reluctance to get help for such problems. And anyone who can see that as a bad thing just isn’t paying attention.

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