By Gum! The Importance Of Looking After Your Teeth


You may forget about them sometimes but your teeth are always there and play an important role in how your body works. How else could you chew all that delicious food you throw down yourself every day? However, we must look after them carefully or they might start being that bit more troublesome.



It’s extremely important that you attend a dental appointment every 6 months whether it be to your local dentist down the road or to your family dentist. This will go a long way into maintaining the shine of your teeth and also remove any plaque that has been built over the course of the year. They will also check your gums and make sure they are free from any disease. However, you must do your bit too. You must sit up and listen to the valuable advice given to you. For example, you may have to give up those fizzy drinks and that extra sugar in your coffee but by incorporating this into your new healthy diet, your once rotten teeth will be firmly back on the mend. It’s vital also that you brush your teeth at least 2 times a day and floss at least once in that time. Dentists can’t do it just by themselves you know! Especially since new research has stated that a clean mouth normally leads to a healthy body.

With clean teeth and healthy gums, your appearance will change drastically and your breath will never taste fresher. People will comment on how radiant you look, how your smile is wider and plus you instantly become more attractive to the opposite sex. More than half of 5000 single people surveyed in the UK said teeth were the most important characteristic on a potential date. So if you’re single, please take note. This might be the reason why you only hug your pillow at night. You will also not be susceptible to other problems like gum disease, where bacteria and plaque in your gums will cause them to be inflamed and therefore bleed, as you brush you teeth. If this occurs, it’s essential that you book a dentist appointment straightaway. They will give you further important advice on how to beat it.

If your teeth are in need of extra surgery, then your dentist may take an x ray of your teeth and explain to you how they work and where the cavities are. This will indeed shock you. Nobody wants to have a hole in their tooth do they? If the problems persist, fillings or a crowning could occur in order to prevent any further damage and to consolidate the strength of your teeth, however your negligence of looking after your teeth will cost you a bit more than that of a standard polish.

With healthy gums and perfect teeth, you’re guaranteed to embrace the day with a spring in your step and a wide smile that goes from ear to ear. So book a dentist appointment now and see if you can add that extra spring to your leap.

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