Arguments At Bedtime? Make Brushing Your Kid’s Teeth Easier With These Simple Swaps

When it’s time to get your kid ready for bed, it’s often a time of dread for moms. For one thing, they never want to get some shut eye. But it also means it’s time to take care of their little gnashers! And kids hate having to brush their teeth. They hate the sensation, and don’t like the taste of the toothpaste! Therefore, they often don’t end up cleaning them properly. But as you will know, brushing their teeth is so important for the sake of their dental health. As we said before, new research has stated that a clean mouth generally leads to a healthy body! Therefore, it’s so important to keep your little one’s teeth in good condition. To help them on their merry way, here are some simple swaps to make brushing your kid’s teeth easier, so there are fewer arguments at bedtime!



Choose an electric toothbrush rather than a traditional one

When you go for a regular toothbrush, it can be hard to ensure you clean all of your child’s teeth. After all, if they are complaining, it’s a challenge to move it around their mouth quickly. And if they are brushing their teeth themselves, they will often put it down before they have cleaned them all. Therefore, to ensure all of your child’s teeth are cleaned, you should go for an electric toothbrush. It will complete all the movement for them. And it’s easier for moms as the toothbrush will be doing all the hard work. And kids tend to find electric toothbrushes more interesting than regular ones so there will be fewer tears at bedtime!

Go for a water flosser rather than regular string floss

Flossing is so important for your child’s dental health. It can catch pieces of food you missed when brushing your child’s teeth. Therefore, it will prevent plaque from occurring in your kid’s mouth. Additionally, flossing can prevent gum disease so that their mouth stays healthy. However, the regular string floss can often cause tantrums at bedtime. After all, they don’t like the sensation of the string in-between their teeth. Therefore, you should consider getting a water flosser which will make the process easier. The machine is also a lot more efficient than traditional string so you can ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy. You can look online to find the best waterpik water flosser that you can add to your bathroom.

Choose a kid’s toothpaste instead of an adult’s one

Kid’s hate using toothpaste as they don’t like the taste. And the package for most conventional tubes of toothpaste isn’t that appealing. Therefore, you should go for a child’s toothpaste which is in a fun design which will compel your child to start brushing. Also, you can get fun flavors such as strawberry which your child will like to use for brushing their teeth. And if it’s going to be a challenge to get them to use any toothpaste, make it easier by just using water. As this article says, it’s okay to use just water when they are little, and it might encourage them to brush more!

And you should make it a group activity, instead of just a task for them. If you brush at the same time, they will mimic you, and are more likely to take care of their tiny teeth!

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