The Tough Night Survival Guide For Moms


Every mom knows exactly what exhaustion feels like. It all starts with the pregnancy. Then the hours of labor. And living with a newborn is enough to give you bags under the eyes before you’re thirty! But once all those days are behind you, you might be thinking that getting a good night of sleep should be possible every night. Unfortunately, your kids will be giving you a few sleepless nights yet!

When children are unwell, it is very difficult for them to sleep peacefully through the night. Coughs and colds simply can’t be managed with powerful medications that adults use. Instead, the poor sweethearts are left to snuffle all night long. It’s no wonder this wakes them up. And we all know that when kids are tired, they become very grizzly! Moms will rarely sleep through any unusual sound their child makes, even from several rooms away. That means you’re losing sleep too.

It is a powerful instinct that drives us to nurture our little ones. We want to heal them and cure them, no matter what it takes. Fortunately, there are plenty of twenty-four hour medical services available now. You can find local 24-hour Dentists and Doctors that will be able to provide the care your little one needs when their condition deteriorates. No mom can stand to see their child in pain. When everything you have tried has failed to show any improvement, you might need to see a professional, no matter what time it is.



Although you may be in a hurry, and full of worry, it’s important to plan and prepare your journey out in the night. In some places, it is necessary to fully and appropriately attired for public places. As it might be chilly outside, it really is worth putting on a set of day clothes each. A comforter can be handy as well. And nobody would blame you for throwing out the screen time limits while you’re in a waiting room. It can actually be beneficial to provide plenty of distraction for your unwell child. A favorite movie or ebook could be just the thing.

You may need your insurance details and some cash to pay for services and medication. Don’t forget your ID either. Chances are you’re feeling pretty tired, so try to grab a flask of coffee to help perk you up. If you feel sleepy, call a cab instead of driving. Don’t forget that you will both need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Take a small bottle with you just in case. Sucking on mints can also help you feel more refreshed.

Getting back to bed isn’t always easy. You might feel it is best if your little one sleeps in the bed with you. This can be very uncomfortable as it limits the space and you’ll worry about rolling on top of them. Why not set up a cot bed next to yours? That way you can still be sleeping next to your little one, but you won’t be worried about little limbs getting stuck underneath you. Sleep well.

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