The Most Amazing Gift Ideas This Christmas


Christmas is coming, and we’ll soon be spending time with our friends and family on this joyous occasion. Picking Christmas gifts is always a difficult and long task that involves a lot of planning and scouting out for unique gifts and great deals.

To take the work off your mind, here are some brilliant gifts that will be sure to wow your family and friends this holiday season.

Christmas presents under the tree

Funky Stocking Fillers

It’s always great to see children sprinting towards their Christmas stockings on the big day. The bigger and heavier the stocking, the better. Stocking fillers are usually cheap and cheerful purchases, with lots of little toys, sweets, and chocolate. However, this season, how about picking some of these unique ideas to fill those giant socks:

  1. Personalized mugs and cups
  2. Chocolate Brussel sprouts
  3. Puzzle cubes and toys
  4. Smartphone accessories
  5. Small funny/interesting books




Personalized Toys

One of the most exciting gifts to give someone is a personalized one. Nothing beats the look on your recipient’s face as they see their name, initials, or even face plastered across a gift. You can even get personalized bobblehead gifts from places like likenessme, and all they need is a photo. If you’d prefer to create a gift on your own, head to your local arts and craft store and buy stuff like knitting equipment or card-making kits to create your own personalized gifts to hand to your loved ones.

There’s a huge variety of gifts on the internet. You can get magnets that’ll spice up the boring old fridge in the kitchen, personalized clothes such as socks and t-shirts, and even some customized snacks or chocolates. The possibilities are almost endless.

Experience Days

Nothing shows your appreciation for someone as much as sending them off to experience one of their favorite things in life. Do you have a friend that loves to fly? How about getting them a flying experience gift this Christmas? Got a family member that loves racing? Book them an experience day at a race course and let them feel the exhilaration of racing around a course at breakneck speeds.

There are more experience day offers than you could imagine. Almost everything exciting and thrilling will probably be sold as an experience day, even running from zombies. All it takes is a simple google search and a bit of negotiating. Just remember not to book it on the day your recipient is unavailable! Give hints, but don’t make it obvious!




Holiday Breaks to Lapland

One of the most magical experiences that you could have on Christmas is visiting Santa himself. Lapland is the home to Santa, reindeer, and sleigh rides. Instead of spending Christmas at home this year, how about sending your family off to Finland this year to visit the chilly north. There’s plenty of activities, lots of Christmas festivities, and even the Northern Lights to gaze at.

For the adventurous types, there’s also exhilarating snowmobile riding and thrilling rides with reindeer and huskies. You can even do a spot of downhill snowboarding and skiing—there’s plenty of fun for everyone in Lapland. For the children, they can sit on Santa’s lap, request gifts, and have a chat with father Christmas himself.

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