Know Yourself Subscription Box (Ages 7-11)


Know Yourself Adventure Series

Disclosure:  howeverThis is a sponsored post for Know. However, all opinions are my own.

The Know Yourself Adventure Series is a learning subscription box for ages 7-11-year-olds. It introduces how the body works in an age-appropriate and fun way for $24.99 a month with free shipping. You can also receive a discounted rate as low as $14.99 a month when you pay upfront. Each month explores a new system of the human body and includes self-directed activities.


The first month starts with the 5 senses


Included in the box were an adventure guide with activities, items to perform the activities in the book, a comic book- Time Skaters and The Seventh Sense, and a spiral book that included recipes. We also received a map, stickers, notepad and more! The box was packed with stuff!



Quick Start Guide and Adventure Book

The quick start guide leads you through the adventure step by step, and the adventure book includes all the details and directions for the activities included. 



(items to perform the activities in the box)



My 5-year-old is a little under the target age for this box, but she still enjoyed many of the activities, including this one using the secret pen.  Included were 2 secret pens with an ultra-violet light on the pen cap. She practiced writing her name and drawing shapes with the marker.



Another one of her favorites was playing with the putty. We practiced rubbing the putty against different textures and then rubbing the putty along our wrist and earlobe to see which parts of the skin have the most receptors.




Overall, I think this was an amazing subscription box! It’s packed with educational information and presented in a fun interactive way. I’m a huge science lover, and my interest in science and the human body is just one of the many reasons I went into the nursing field. I would have looooved receiving this box as a kid!

My oldest daughter who is 5 is a little under the target age range for the Know Yourself Subscription, but she even had fun with it. She is a little like me and learns best when she can interact with hands-on on activities. I have seen other educational subscription boxes, and although great, do not provide near as many hands-on learning opportunities as this one. In my opinion, this would be great for any kid in the 7-11 age range to encourage learning and curiosity!

If you would like to purchase you can also receive their award winning books (usually $19 a piece) FREE when you order before 11/28/16

Use code: SIMPLEMOM to receive 50% off your first month! Expires 11/30/16

This would make a great gift for any kiddos on your Christmas list!

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