What Do You Get For Fussy Teens? Here Are Gift Ideas That They Will Love


If you have teenagers, or will need to buy for teenagers it can be so hard! Sometimes it seems like you are just set up to fail. Their tastes can change quite often, and you don’t want to get something that isn’t considered cool anymore. So think of this as a little bit of a cheat sheet for the holidays. Here are some ideas that are sure to please even the fussiest of teenagers.




If there is something that all teens love, it is technology. They have all grown up with it, so tend to even savvier with it than us. You could get them some new wireless headphones. They are popular at the moment so will be on trend when they are wearing them on the way to school. You could get them a new table or an e-reader. If you chose the latter, you could even download some books onto it. Then you can just hope that they will choose to read them! A cell phone upgrade is a good idea, as well as things like phone covers. It seems like you can never have too many of them.


Clothing can be tricky with teens. Things have to just fit right, and of course, they have to stylish and on trend. So if you aren’t feeling brave enough, then you could just them a gift card for some clothes. Then they can take the time to pick something they love out. If you’d like to have a little more say in what they wear, though, how about looking online. You can get some designer clothes for pretty good prices online. If it has a brand name on it, then teens are pretty much going to love it. You could get them something from MSGM kids or perhaps even Gucci kids.



Fun Gadgets For Home

Have you got a teen that loves a bit of Netflix? Then how about some fun things for them to use at home. You could get them a smartphone projector. Then they can watch their favorite Netflix shows in large scale on a wall in the home. You could even think about a fun gadget like a popcorn maker. Then they have no excuses and can just make it for themselves. The same goes for something fun like a waffle iron or ice cream maker, for example.


Though our teens will be using plenty of selfies on their cell phones, there are plenty of accessories that you could get them. It could be a tripod or a selfie stick, for example. You could even get them something retro like a polaroid camera or an old school Fujifilm camera. This will have extra cool points as they are considered retro! Think of things like lighting accessories or just simply photo frames. It is important that we teach our kids to have actual copies of their memories. And not just have everything stored online or on social media.

Happy shopping this holiday season!

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