Hassle-Free Holidays: Reduce Your Risk Of Home Emergencies This Winter


The holidays are coming, and the last thing you want is an unexpected emergency. Sometimes, it’s not possible to prevent accidents. But there are steps you can take to try and minimize the risk of disasters at home. Here are some helpful hints to help you prepare for hassle-free holidays.

Book a furnace check

Has your heating been unreliable of late? Have you noticed your furnace making odd noises? Is it a long time since you had a routine check? If so, now is an excellent time to book a general maintenance check and get any issues resolved. In the depths of winter, having no heating could be put pay to happy holidays. You don’t want to spend Christmas Day wearing every piece of clothing you own. If an engineer notices any problems, you can get them fixed before the festive period begins.



Find a solution for leaks

Have you got noticeable damp patches on the walls or ceiling? Is your roof leaking when it rains heavily? Have you got taps that are constantly dripping? If so, it’s a good idea to get any issues sorted before the holidays arrive. You’ll find that tradesman work limited hours over Christmas and calling a 24 hr plumber is likely to cost you. Plumbers can often fix simple problems like loose taps and pipe blockages very quickly. Leaks can often be caused by holes in the roof. When it rains, the water penetrates the roof, and you end up with a steady stream of water in the bedroom or bathroom. If you need new roof tiles, it’s best to get professional advice as quickly as possible. If you’ve noticed loose tiles on the roof or you’ve got a leak from the roof, call some local roofing firms for quotes.



Fire safety

You don’t want to be cooking Christmas dinner for the family and facing the prospect of having to evacuate because of a fire. It can be easy to get distracted when you’ve got people visiting, and there is a lot to do. Try and prepare as much as possible in advance, so that you have less to do on the day. Ask people to help out. Always make sure that you have smoke detectors, and check the batteries regularly. If something does boil over, or the grill sets on fire, a smoke detector will enable you to act before the situation becomes serious. It’s also beneficial to have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket at home.



Weatherproofing your home

It’s winter, and this means that the weather can be unpredictable. It’s always best to be prepared, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall or flooding. Stock up on sandbags, and ensure you have a supply of food and bottled water. If snow is forecast, you can use a snow blower or a shovel to disperse snow from pathways. Wrap up warm and wear shoes with grip. If you’ve got people visiting, scatter grit on the driveway.



Nobody wants to think about emergencies over the festive period. But it pays to be prepared. With weeks to go, now is the time to plan ahead, and try and increase your chances of hassle-free, happy holidays.


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