Bedroom Ideas To Dazzle and Delight


Do you go green with envy when you open the covers of home magazines and see beautiful bedrooms? Do you want to inject a little of this magic into your own home? Do you want to create a more pleasant bedroom for relaxing and sleeping? Then read on to find out how.

Soft Touch Fabrics

One of the most noticeable thing about those bedrooms you find in magazines is that they always have the nicest bedcovers. There’s just no easy iron, or polyester to be found! In fact, you will see a great deal of high thread count cottons, luxe fabrics like cashmere, and satin stripes duvet covers. The aim of the game here is to provide a feast not only for your sense of sight but also your sense of touch. Is there anything more relaxing that being surrounded by luxurious materials while you rest?



Pillowy Goodness

In bedroom magazine spreads you will also see an abundance of pillows in every shot. Each side of the bed usually has as least 2-3 three plump feather pillows, as well as numerous matching, scatter cushions. This might seem like an unnecessarily luxury, but actually, it really does help to contribute to a sense of comfort in the bedroom. So if you are still surviving on a single fiber pillow, it may be time to let it go!

Asleep On A Cloud

Bedroom spreads in home magazine always have the most spectacular and exorbitant oversized beds central to the picture. For some of us the bed themselves can be as big as the whole room that we have to work with! But that doesn’t mean that us normal folk can’t sleep in a comfy bed every night either.

The trick to getting a great night’s rest is to select the most comfortable bed and mattress combination that you can get for your budget. For example, you might choose a super king wooden bed with a Tempur mattress for comfort. Or you may want a leather framed bed with a sprung mattress.

Aromatic Ambiance



Another way to transform your bedroom into something that you could see in magazine spread is to use scent to your advantage. No, I’m not talking about those sweaty socks in the linen basket. That not the type of scent that you want here. Instead, you a scented candle, atomizer or reed diffuser to introduce a calming sent to your room.

You can pick a fresh cotton for a clean just watched small. Or how about some lavender or chamomile to help create a restful atmosphere?

Shades Of Sleep

Something the designers that produce these magazine spreads are brilliant at is getting the colors right. They always know which colors work well in a bedroom and how to inject just that right amount of color to make it light, without being too much.

Happily, we can learn from their examples. As it can be very effective to see how color schemes can work in a room in practice without having to go to the cost and trouble of getting samples. So check out those magazines for inspiration before you repaint your bedroom next time.

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