Bills, Bills, Bills! Steps to Take To Make Sure You Have Money Left Over Every Month



Meal Planning

If you find that your grocery bills just soar, then meal planning is that way to go. The best thing to do is to check everything that you have in the freezer, fridge, and cupboards. Then you can work meals around what is already there. If you’ve got some meatballs in the freezer (or minced meat that you could make your own with) and some spaghetti in the pantry. Then all you need to add is some onions to try up and a meatball sauce. Just having to get one or two things for each meal will make a massive difference to what you spend on food. You will waste a lot less too.

Rent Instead of Buy

If you have home appliances that break, you could consider renting a new one, instead of buying them. Something like kitchen rentals can be as little as a few of dollars a week. Then the cost is spread, rather than having to pay for something up front. That can help you to stick to your budget and not delve into any savings that you have. If it needs repairs, most of the time you wouldn’t be the one responsible to sort it either.

Cut Things Out

Do you find that you head to Starbucks a couple of times a week, or have a gym membership that you hardly use? These are the kinds of thing that you could cut out of your life. Then you will be saving a lot. A few cups of coffee a month could be a large saving. Especially when they are around $3 each anyway. You could cancel a gym membership and work out at home. Or go for walks in the park or run around your neighborhood. If you have cable TV but don’t make use of it, then get rid of it. Think about what you could start to cut out. The savings on all of these kinds of thing will all add up quickly.

Bulk Buy

When you need to buy anything for your home, buy it in bulk. It could be bathing products or food. It doesn’t matter. But the chances of you saving money are high when you buy in large quantities. It also means you have got plenty of things in the home. So if one month is tighter than another, you’ll have lots stored up that you could use.

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