A Christmas Gift Guide For Moms



Often, gift guides are created to gives you idea on what to get ‘him’ or her.’ Whether they’re for your husband or children, parents or friends, they can often focus on everyone else but you. And what’s the fun in that? So this time, this Christmas gift guide is centered around what Moms might like for Christmas this year.

Everyone is different, likes different things and has different tastes, so you may already know what you want for Christmas or what you’re going to ask for this year. But if you’re stuck, or you’re reading this looking for inspiration on what to get your Mom (or Wife) this Christmas, these gifts are usually things that any Mom would love to receive!

Spa Gift Certificate



First up is any easy one, but it’s still such a rewarding present. What woman doesn’t love a relaxing and indulgent spa visit? You could choose from a wealth of spa gifts, but it’s so much more exciting to get a spa gift certificate. That way you (or your Mom/Wife) can have a few hours or an entire day to yourself to just relax and recharge!

Cozy Comforts



It’s one of our favorite things, but we never think about buying them for ourselves. So they make the best presents. Whether you’d love a new set of comfortable pajamas or even a fluffy new robe, put it on your list. Or children and Dad, if you’re reading this, put cozy comforts straight to the top of your list. When your Mom or Wife is lounging around in her new slippers on Christmas Day, she’ll be over the moon.

Kitchen Appliances



Next up is something practical, but equally exciting to a Mom that has recently suffered from things breaking! Besides, just because something is practical, doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about it. When something does break, you feel sick without it. So getting a replacement as a gift is such a blessing. And, if you just fancy a treat, choosing a shiny new appliance to match your decor, like a WillowAndEverett Tea Kettle, can be super fun!

Pamper Pack



Sometimes as Moms, all we need is a little time out to pamper and recharge. Giving the gift of relaxation is second to none, so rest assured that the Mom in your life will love this thoughtful gift. Pull together a gift basket that she will love, knowing that you’ve made it yourself. Fill it will movie night essentials like a face mask, nail polishes, snacks, and her favorite DVD. And Moms, hinting for this one is never a bad idea.

Magazine Subscription



Moms don’t always get a lot of time to themselves (don’t we know it!). It can mean that, although we love reading, we don’t get to do it a lot. So, instead of buying them books this Christmas (or putting them on your wish list), why not opt for a magazine subscription instead. Magazines are easier and quicker to read. Moms can flick through a new magazine each week or month and still feel like they’re taking some time out.

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