Christmas Made Easy: What To Get Your Most Awkward Friends


Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year – but what happens when you don’t know what to get your nearest and dearest? We all have those people in our lives who are almost impossible to buy for. No matter how long we trail around the shops or browse online, it’s often almost impossible to know what exactly to buy for them. Here are some tips on what to get for your most awkward friends this Christmas, depending on what they’re interested in…




If your friend is a real bookworm but you aren’t sure what titles exactly to get for them, then fear not! You have plenty of other options that you can look into. If they like using e-readers then you could consider getting them a new cover or case in their favorite material or color. You could also go for a waterproof one so they don’t have to worry about dropping it in the bath! This time of year a lot of publishers release beautiful cloth-bound copies of old classic favorites which are sure to go down a storm with the book-lover in your life. You could also consider getting them a book light so they can read in dark cars and when the lights are out at night.




If your friend is into beauty then luckily there are plenty of gift sets out this time of year that you can get for a reasonable price. If you aren’t sure what colors would suit them, show the shop assistant a photograph of them so they can point you in the right direction. At the moment, matte lipsticks are in. Go for a dusky pink or a bold red for a color that will suit everyone. Additionally, everyone loves highlighters at the moment, so take a look online at swatches to figure out what your friend might like the most. Finally, every makeup friend will love and appreciate a brand new brush set. You could also consider a new headband to keep their hair back from their face while they’re doing their makeup. A new nail polish in a wintery shade of cherry, slate grey or dark blue would also be a great gift.


If your friend is a fashion lover then take a look at the catwalks for inspiration. A great new pair of patterned tights or a statement necklace are always great shouts for people who love fashion – and a lot less dangerous than buying an item of clothing and having to guess at the size! Consider a soft, warm scarf or a pair of cashmere socks that will be the most luxurious thing that your friend has ever put on their feet.




If your pal loves to travel, then chances are they’ll be pretty easy to buy for! Take a look around for travel journals so they can keep a note of their travels. You could also get them a new passport holder, or a folder to hold all of their travel documents. If they have a trip coming up, get them a guidebook for the country they’re going to – if they’re going to a far flung region then you could even get them a mosquito net! If they particularly love traveling to sunny places, sunscreen for hair or a great sun hat would also be very much appreciated. If they’re more of a wintery holiday person, then go for a woolly hat or scarf or a new pair of mittens. Thick ski socks would also be loved – or maybe some thermal underwear for a friend that you know particularly well!




If your friend is a big time foodie, get them a variety of cooking oils with different ingredients in them like chilli or garlic. If they love baking, go for a new set of measuring cups or new ways to decorate cupcakes. A book about the history of food from a certain region, like tapas in Madrid, would go down an absolute storm and inspire them. If they take pride in their kitchen, go for a new set of coffee cups – for example, a glass coffee mug – or a set of new serving spoons. If your friend loves to present their baking beautifully, go for a pretty cake stand. If they love cooking from books, try out a new one from a different cuisine – or get them a stand so they don’t splash the pages while they’re in the kitchen!


Even if you aren’t really into art, never fear – you can still buy a beautiful arty Christmas gift for your favorite artistic friend. Look into getting a museum or gallery pass, and while you’re there, take a look in the gift shop for more presents for your friend. Try a book on typography, or some art supplies if they’re into making their own Christmas cards. Get your friend tickets to some inspirational experimental theater – and if you’re not into it, their gift to you can be that you don’t have to accompany them along!




If your friend loves live music, then there’s nothing better than a gift card to a ticket website so they can pick their own shows to go to. If they love a particular genre of music, then buy a book for them about the history of it so they can learn about how their favourite musicians got to where they are today. Speakers are also a great gift for anyone who loves music – and of course good quality headphones that produce excellent sound would be ideal.

TV and Film



If your friend is a huge fan of anything screen related, consider a subscription to a movie and TV site like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Hayu is also fantastic for anyone who might be a huge fan of the Real Housewives, Dance Moms or the Kardashian family! Any memorabilia relating to their favorite movies and shows would also be a great fit – drinking out of a mug emblazoned with Walter White’s face could be their new favorite way to start off a morning!

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