Top Problem Solver Jobs For Women



If want to know about more of the problem-solving jobs for us women out there – here is a list of the most common.


A surgeon works in a hospital and operates on people that need to be fixed, so they could specialize in anything from heart surgery to brain surgery! You have to study for years and years to get to this step. People work really hard for this role. Who doesn’t want to save people?


This is someone we go to talk to when we’re not doing well, whether we have just experienced a trauma or we suffer from mental illness and need help, this is who we go to see. You have to be an excellent listener to do this job, as the other person will be feeling vulnerable and need to feel that you care.




A midwife is someone that looks after you while you are pregnant, up until the day you give birth. They are the ones that deliver your baby! It is known that many Moms actually get lifelong friends from the experience because you are sharing such intimate moments together.

Social And Community-Service Manager

This is someone who plans, directs, coordinates, and oversees social services or community-outreach programs and organizations. This includes job titles like social workers and adoption services managers.


A locksmith is someone who makes or repairs locks. So maybe you want to change the lock on your door, or you have accidently locked yourself out again and have no way to get in, you would need to call someone out like locksmith eugene or to come and help you.



Chief Executive

Provides overall direction and implement policies of a company. Typical job titles include chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and executive vice president.


These are physicians who administer a sedative drug called anaesthesia before surgery and monitor patients during and after surgery. They have to so precise; one wrong move and they could kill someone.


Judges have the authority over a court of law with the ability to sentence defendants in criminal cases and determine defendant liability in civil cases. They have to have good investigating skills because one wrong move and they could be sending an innocent person away to prison!





Typically referred to as elementary- or secondary-school principals whose job is to enforce discipline and attendance policies for students and teachers.


This is someone who conducts eye exams and vision correction, like optometrists, but they are also trained to perform eye surgery, including cataracts and glaucoma.


The job is to analyze statistical data regarding mortality, accident, sickness, and disability to predict the probability of future risk and liability. You have to have a great eye to ensure you don’t miss anything important.



Air-Traffic Controller

This is the job of someone that controls, authorizes, and regulates airplane traffic at and in between airports. You have to be on the ball to do this job as one slight mistake could cause a big plane accident.

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