Awesome Toys To Buy This Christmas


Finding the perfect gift is extremely hard work. Buying them for our friends is hard enough, but buying for kids is even worse. Kids move from one fad to the next at an extreme pace that is impossible to keep up with. Here we have a few gifts that you just can’t go wrong with.

The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

Nothing makes a young boy happier than the ability to launch countless darts at his friends of of siblings. The Tri-Strike blaster features 3 different ways to blast that can all be used separately, or combined, for custom configurations. The nerf is a great Christmas gift, so long as you don’t mind having to pick up little orange darts from around the house on boxing day.

A Trampoline

A trampoline can invoke excitement throughout the household on Christmas morning. Whilst not exactly suited to a winter environment, they can give your children, and indeed yourself, some of the greatest of times. There also comes a plethora of healthcare reasons to own a trampoline, it’s good for your heart, easy on your joints helps your muscles, bones, and coordination. Bouncing on a trampoline also helps you lose weight and tone your body. You can see a trampoline review here, to help you choose which one to purchase.



Finding Dory Zuru Robofish

After the release of the film, there’s no surprise a huge amount of related toys and gadgets are hitting the shops. With the loveable fish in the minds of all who saw the film, buying a related toy could be a big hit. The Zuru robofish begin swimming when they sense water, and have a battery saving feature where they go to sleep after one minute of activity. Simply tap on the bowl to get them swimming again. You can buy Dory, Nemo, Marlin and new character Bailey – as well as playsets such as Dory’s coffee pot and the Marine Centre. It’s a great toy for younger ages, using a decorative fish bowl you can use the creatures instead of buying live fish, thus doing away with the hours of fish maintenance required. They can also be great bathtub toys to keep the little ones entertained.

BB-8 Droid

The Star Wars’ toys always go down well, and with Rogue One about to hit cinemas, they’ll be especially in demand again. One of the more endearing characters from the force awakens was BB-8, so why not get a remote BB-8 that can be controlled using an app installed on a tablet or smartphone.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Lego

Lego opens up the world of creativity, and, luckily, it’s something you can rarely go wrong with. There are a great many new toys out this year, each offering a distinct challenge for your children. It promotes creativity, problem solving and perseverance skill too. There’s a new volcano gift set as well as a multitude of lego Star Wars sets. You can get many gifts for girls too, from princess castles to pet sets.

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