Honi Essentials November


Honi Essentials deliver 3 15ml bottles of therapeutic 100% pure essential oils for $34.99 a month with cheaper monthly rates when you prepay for a 6 or 12-month subscription. You can also purchase several of the oils in their one-time shop separately.


The November Box Included






Each month a card is also included with the benefits of the oils and ways to mix them.


Patchouli is actually one of my favorites although I’ve never diffused it with grapefruit essential oil before. I did as the card suggested and mixed 3 drops of grapefruit and 3 drops of patchouli in my diffuser. I’m not sure if it helped curb my cravings, but it does have a nice fresh, clean scent!

I also love the woody scent of Rosemary and put it in my diffuser quite often. It always seems to put me in a better mood and the Rosemary from Honi Essentials was no exception.

If you are looking to get into Essential Oils, or even an Essential Oil experienced user, Honi Essentials is a great way to experiment with different scents monthly. It would also make a great gift for anyone looking for a bit of monthly relaxation. Besides being used in a diffuser, essential oils are very versatile and can be used for natural cleaning products and more.

You can find out more or how to order for yourself or as a gift by going to http://www.honi.life/

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