Cut Your Running Costs. How To Take Control Of Your Crazy Electricity Bills


Running a family home is no cheap task. That’s never more apparent than in the colder season, when we have heating bills to contend with. In truth, there are many things we can do to cut down on the bills we receive. Even small changes will make a huge difference to the amount of money you’re spending. We all know that, yet we continue our behavior unchanged. Don’t make that mistake anymore! Get to grips with how you could save yourself money and start doing it. You’ll often be saving the planet at the same time, so it’s a win-win situation!




This is one we’re often told, but it’s easily forgotten. Kids can be awful at leaving lights blaring, but we’re all guilty of doing it at some point! If you could see the amount of electricity wasted by leaving lights on, you’d soon get into the habit of flicking the switch. If you’re not in a room, don’t leave the light on! Even in rooms which are in use, having the main light blaring can be a waste. Why not invest in some lamps? These create more ambient lighting and save on electricity. Or, you could invest in a dimmer switch, so that the lights aren’t on full blast all the time!




Heat is expensive. There’s no way around it. When it gets cold, a jumper isn’t always enough to keep us warm. We want to feel toasty at home, don’t we? Using your heating sensibly will make a huge difference to the amount you pay. Having your radiators on full blast, for example, will cost a lot. Turn them down so that you can heat the house, but not to the same extent. You don’t need it boiling, after all. It’s also worth considering the temperature you heat your house to. You want to be comfortable, but there are huge price jumps if you go too high. Find the lowest setting you can get away with and still keep warm. Zone controls are another way to cut down on heating costs. With zoning, you can control the heat in separate rooms. It makes sense. What’s the point in paying to heat a room no one’s using?




Limits have to be set in place sometimes. This is particularly the case for large families. Limiting things like shower length and the use of games consoles will help cut down on costs. This may seem extreme, but giving your children free reign will cost you! Not to mention that limits are good, particularly when gaming is concerned. Once you’ve set restrictions, make sure you stick to them. Invest in a timer and allow everyone, including yourself, ten minutes in the shower. That should be more than enough time. Such limits can help to create a more harmonious household in general. There won’t be any more arguing over who washes when. You’ll all be able to get into the bathroom in plenty of time!

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