Keeping Your Food Fresh, Rain Or Shine!



With today’s economy being shot the pieces, it is getting harder and harder for families to make ends meet. This is especially true when it comes to feeding everyone in the house. Food is one of the most heavily hit areas, regarding price increases. And, unlike other things in life, food is an essential that no one can live without. So, to help you out in spreading your food further, this guide will go through a few ideas.

  • Freeze Your Food

Freezing and cooling food is one of the most ancient ways that humans use to preserve food. Long before fridges and freezers, people have been using ice to make their food last as long as possible. So, why not do the same? When buying food, it’s usually cheaper, in the long run, to buy in bulk. For example, if you were to buy an 8-pack of sausages for £3, a 16-pack might be £5. Overall, this can save a lot of money. Once you’ve doubled up on the food that you’ve got, you can cook it up all at once! This will give you two meals, for much less than the price of two meals. And, when it comes to freezing food, most will last indefinitely over ice.

Of course, food can be dangerous. Usually, food is only a risk if you prepare or store it incorrectly. Certain food can’t be frozen. In fact, some food can make you very ill if you freeze it and then eat it afterward. A common example of this is rice, which can give you food poisoning if it’s frozen and reheated. So, it’s good to do a little bit of research and find meals that are safe to freeze. But, don’t worry; there’s plenty of variety out there, even with risky food taken out.



  • Vacuum Sealing

Most of the food that gets wasted in the home is only wasted because it has gone off. Usually, the food would be eaten, had it lasted longer. Food will only start to develop mold when it’s exposed to air, which carries that spores required for the mold to grow. To avoid this entirely, you can vacuum seal your food. This is a method that is used by food giants everywhere and is proven to increase the lifespan of most food significantly. Vacuum sealers are inexpensive and don’t take up much space in the home. But, it’s worth looking up some vacuum sealer reviews before making a purchase.

  • Try Eating Veggie

It’s not secret that humans don’t need meat to survive. In fact, nowadays, most experts in this area recommend limiting your intake of meat to once or twice a week. Meat is one of the most expensive parts of a meal. So, cutting it out from most meals can save a lot of money. Plus, there are plenty of meat-free alternatives available in today’s shops. This makes it easy to make a slight lifestyle change that will make your family healthier, and save some money.

Hopefully, this will help you to get through some of the tougher times throughout the year. Always try to look for ways to save money in everything you do, as it’s usually the little things that can surprise you.

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