Sit Back & Relax… Why Do It Yourself When A Gadget Can Do It For You!



If life, we often get used to the routine of daily living. We take the kids to school, get the groceries and clean the house. We rarely have time for ourselves, but we don’t mind for the sake of our families and a simple, easy to follow schedule.

But, what if you didn’t have to do that? What it you automate some of life’s daily struggles, how little they may seem, to give yourself an easier time? Well, you can. By adding the odd gadget or two to your everyday routine, you can have a bit more time for yourself!

Hoover The House

If you find yourself vacuuming every day or even twice a day, then you’re probably going to love the idea of getting it done without touching the vacuum at all. Smart hoovers or robot vacuums are incredible. You simply set them up, let them charge and watch them go. You can set their route and time so that they do the same cleaning routine day in and day out – or even twice a day (see Vacuum Fox for more on how they work). That way, you free up a little valuable time for yourself. You might even get to start that book you’ve meant to pick up!

Open The Garage

Say you drop the kids to school and come back to do some chores. Then you have to run errands or pick up some groceries and come home again before you can pick them kids up from school. Then, you might have evening work or clubs for the kids. It could mean that you’re opening and closing the garage eight or more times a day. Surely that’s got to get tiresome? Well, why not automate it and your garage door will open for you, without you having to get out of the car.

Turn On The Heating

When it gets to winter, you can sometimes find that you’re doing a lot more around the home. From cleaning more to cooking more to adjusting the temperature to make sure everyone is comfortable. You might already have a heating system that you can control with a thermostat, but if you have to keep heading to one room to adjust the temperature, it can get tiresome. So automate it. You can even get systems that can adjust the temperature in one room at a time and be controlled from an app on your phone, so you really won’t have to move, and everyone in the house can be as warm or cold as they like.

Draw The Curtains

One of the most frustrating things that can happen around the home is when you’re all done for the day, and you finally get to sit down and rest. Then, before you know it, the light has dropped, and darkness surrounds you. But, if you’re cozied up with a book on the couch because you finally found a minute to start it, the last thing you want to do is move to draw the drapes. Luckily, there’s a gadget for that too! An automated home doesn’t have to look entirely high tech, but it sure can save you time and energy.

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