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Okay, so I found out about Freshly during my online shopping craziness over black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. I wasn’t really shopping for myself, but someone posted a deal to receive 4 free meals, and I had to check it out!

Freshly is a weekly food subscription that delivers fresh and healthy meal options weekly to your door. You can choose to receive 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals weekly that you pick from their rotating menu. All meals are gluten-free and do not contain refined sugar. The meals are shipped in a refrigerated 100% recyclable box. Each meal is pre-packaged and only requires around 2 minutes in the microwave. 


As I mentioned before, the meals came in a refrigerated package and had two huge gel freezer packs. Everything was nice and cold! Also included in the box were instructions on how to recycle the contents including the box, gel packs, and meal trays.

Here are the 4 meals I chose

freshly free box


I decided to do the review I would mostly take pics of the meal after it was cooked, but wanted to include one pic so you can at least see how it’s packaged when it arrives.


Here is a pic of the way the Roasted Herb Chicken arrived. Everything looks so fresh even in the package! Not like those preservative added meals you get at the grocery store. (Which, I admit were a total convenience for me, especially when I use to work outside of the home)


Meal #1 Lemon Thyme Chicken


Here is the Lemon Thyme Chicken after being microwaved. The instructions on each meal say to microwave for 1-2 minutes. However, I had to heat mine for around 4 minutes. I’m sure it differs between microwaves and what temperature you like your food, but still, 4 minutes for a yummy meal is not bad at all!

The chicken was full of flavor and very tender, and the vegetables tasted super fresh. I was a little worried about the potatoes at first that they would taste rubbery, but they seriously tasted like they were just prepared. I didn’t add any extra seasoning, butter, salt or anything and it was delicious!


Meal #2 Grilled Flat Iron Steak


The grilled flat steak was very tender, and the potato hash had a mix of potatoes and sweet potatoes that were delicious. I will admit, I didn’t try the spinach because I detest spinach, but wanted to put it on the plate so you could see what it looked like. Either way the steak and the potatoes were enough to fill me up and made for a nice lunch.


Meal #3 Southwest Veggie Bowl

This was surprisingly probably my favorite meal of all,  although they were all delicious. It contained quinoa, wild rice, lentil, buckwheat, and topped with fire roasted corn, chipotle sweet potatoes and black beans with a drizzle of cilantro. It was the perfect blend and had a nice kick without being too spicy. This was also a huge portion, and I was only able to eat about half before becoming full.


Meal #4 Roasted Herb Chicken

food subscription

The herb chicken was tender and delicious just like the other chicken meals and the smashed red potatoes had a great flavor.


My Thoughts?

I loved all the meals from Freshly. They were exactly as described and I loved being able to have a fresh tasting meal in just a few minutes. While I can’t justify budgeting this service in weekly for myself, I think it would be great for someone with a busy schedule or looking to eat healthier while on the go.

 The great thing about Freshly is you don’t have to receive them weekly; you can pause your subscription or cancel at any time. Right now I have mine paused, but can see myself ordering maybe once every month or two. 

Like I said before, it’s just not something I can justify putting in the budget weekly as a work at home mom. I still have to cook for the kids, and it just doesn’t make sense for me to spend that much on separate meals for myself. 


Have you tried Freshly or any other meal delivery service?


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