Ideas To Help You Make A Statement In Your Home


If you’re not making a statement in your home, chances are, your home doesn’t look as good as it could. These ideas will give you some inspiration to help you make a statement in your home. Enjoy…

Create A Statement Wall

Creating a statement wall is one of the easiest and best things you can do to make a statement in your home. You can use wallpaper, a bright paint color, or anything else you like to create your wall. There are lots of tutorials out there that can give you ideas and inspiration if you need help. To choose your wall, make sure it’s blank, with no distractions such as windows present. In the bedroom, a good wall to choose is the one directly behind the headboard of your bed. Usually, you choose the first wall that the eye is drawn to when you enter a room.

Add A Metallic Accent

Metallic accents can be really noticeable and even give a luxury feel to a room. Choose a large metallic accent and place it somewhere you can see it. You don’t want too many things around distracting from your new accent, so keep it as clear and plain as you can in the same area.

Mix Up Opposite Pieces of Furniture

Mixing up pieces of your furniture is one of the most fun and cool ways to make a statement in your home. Pick an item of furniture you really like, and then consider choosing the exact opposite piece of furniture to compliment it. This can look amazing. For instance, a dark piece of furniture mixed with a light piece of furniture. You could even mix something old and something new. Visit Plum Goose for some ideas of what you could have in your home.



Know How To Mix Patterns

Mixing patterns is another great way to make a statement. It’s a good idea to mix no more than two patterns, as mixing more could look quite garish rather than professionally designed. When you mix two patterns, it’s a good idea to mix scales up too. If you have chosen one large pattern, choose a smaller pattern to compliment it. There are tutorials online to help you to do this too.

Choose An Unusual Light Fitting

Unusual light fittings can look incredible. You can find so many more fittings out there than your regular chandelier too. There are many shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of rooms in your home.

Add A Pop Of Bright Color

If you’re bored of your color scheme, add a pop of bright color with furniture and other items. This is really simple, quick, and cheap to do!

Make A Statement With Artwork

Use artwork to make a statement. You could fill a whole wall with different pieces, or choose a large piece that fills a wall. Artwork not only has a great effect on the brain, it adds interest to your home too.

These ideas will help you to make a statement in your home – have fun experimenting!

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