Tricks Every Single Mom Should Know!


Being a single can be tough! Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at the same time. But with these easy steps, you can give more, by doing less.

Start Your Day Peacefully

Begin with getting yourself centered in quiet moments instead of generating an adrenalin response by jumping out of bed. Enjoy your cup of coffee, instead of frantically sipping because you’re rushing. Even if you work out first thing, take just a few moments to focus on what you are grateful for, even keeping a journal to reflect on these things can start your day positively.

The Power Of Power Naps

It may take a while to get used to, so train your body to wind down in about 5 minutes, sleep for 10-12 minutes and then wake up from the sound of your alarm or timer.

Bedtime By 10:30pm

Memory works better when you get enough sleep. And if you are well rested in general, you’ll be able to function the next day because you haven’t been burning the candle at both ends for months on end.

Keep The Laundry Moving

Laundry is one of those things that just keeps multiplying! Right ladies? There’s no stopping that pile. So just throw in a load first thing in the morning, or move it over, and quickly fold whatever is in the dryer when the buzzer goes off. You’ll iron less, and it won’t build up or cause you stress. Plus it only takes a few minutes.

Lists Will Be Your Best Friend

Who doesn’t like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with checking off the boxes? And it will keep you organized; you’ll accomplish ten times more than you could have done if you didn’t plan out what you were going to do.

Shop In The Modern World.

It’s hard to come home after a long day of working, pick the kids up from school, go shopping and the cook a dinner, every single day. Fortunately for you Mommas, there are companies out there who bring fresh food right to your door! All you have to do is cook it! This saves having to go out to the shops and spends hours running around after your little ones, while trying to figure out what you need to buy!
Look at some Blue Apron reviews to get an idea of how well the system works.

Make Time For Yourself

If you aren’t happy, nobody will be happy… You can’t pour into others, think straight, cook, clean, brush their hair, go shopping, go to work and offer wisdom, if you are exhausted and sick all the time. Do that thing you love once a week, or however often you need to in order to feel great again. You must know yourself well enough to respect and take good care of yourself! Putting your children first is what every parent is expected to do, but do not forget: you are important too.


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