Get Your Home Aesthetic Right Just In Time For Christmas


When it comes to adding a touch of festive spirit to your home there is a fine line between tasteful and tacky. A lot of us find it easy to get carried away and to go a little overboard with themed decorations – so much so that they end up taking over the whole home. But at the other end of the spectrum, those Scrooges among us are often reluctant to make any changes to their homes at all – meaning that when family come over for the festivities, everyone is left feeling a little deflated. The important thing is to learn to strike a balance between these two extremes so you can get your Christmas decor just right. Read on for some tips on how to nail a classy Christmas at your property.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Most of us associate summer with the great outdoors rather than winter. But, there are still some fabulous pieces of flora and fauna that arise during the colder months. Consider making the hunt for them into a family trip and go on a day out to collect branches and leaves suitable for your home. However, usually, these will be unlikely to survive in the heat of your home for more than a few days. So unless you are a keen gardener with an endless supply of plants to bring indoors, you may instead want to opt for some fake plants with which to decorate your home. Mini Christmas trees, wreaths, and springs of holly can all add a traditional nod to your festive decor, as well as adding a splash of color.

Dress your table

As the Christmas meal is one of the biggest aspects of the day, it’s only right that your table should look the part too. If you have a large family and therefore a really big table, there may also be something quite grand about it. Make the most of it by investing in some restaurant quality table linen with which to dress the table. A matching set can look very chic, as well as actually being practical too.

christmas decor

Go contemporary

Christmas doesn’t have to be all reds and greens in order to be festive. One trend that looks as though it’s here to stay is the Scandi-style of interior design. If you haven’t already adorned your home with it, there’s no better time to start than Christmas! Stick to whites, greys and browns and remember to invest in a lot of different fabrics. Fluffy reindeer-hide rugs and woolen blankets go down a treat with guests who are looking for that cozy feel.

Pick a color scheme wisely

One thing that can make a home look tasteless around Christmas is the lack of any clear color scheme. Too many different colors in the same room can make the place look far too busy and confusing – and ultimately, cheap. Instead, take a look at some color palettes prior to buying your Christmas decor and pick out three main colors for each room. Generally speaking, don’t mix warm and cool colors – they are best kept separate.

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