Improve Your Home, Improve Yourself: Four Changes To Make To Your House


These days, tips on how to improve your home are absolutely everywhere, but a lot of them seem impractical. We don’t all have thousands to spend on building huge extensions or repainting rooms or buying new couches and carpets, or renovating our kitchens and bathrooms. But there are ways that you can make your home more user friendly without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how…

Get Decluttering Your Home



There isn’t much that can improve the look of your home more than simply decluttering it. Having messy, untidy surfaces will lead to you having a messy, untidy mind, so it’s crucial that you make a big effort to keep tidying up. One good way to do it is to go room by room. Divide all the clutter into three bags – one to keep, one to donate, and one to throw away or recycle. If you’re uncertain about whether to keep something, decide whether it brings you any joy or happiness in your everyday life or if it’s useful. If it doesn’t, trash it. There isn’t any point in using up space on possessions that you don’t love.

Turn It Into A Smart House

What we really want from everything in our everyday life is for it to be more convenient and intuitive, and a smart house can help you improve on that – check out websites like Smart home tech can help to save you time. Your kitchen can make you freshly brewed coffee depending on what time your alarm goes off, your fridge can keep track of what food’s inside it, your home can create the perfect thermostat and temperature for you, and you can create different moods depending on what lighting you want to use. You can even control your TV and stereo by clapping or talking to it.

Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

In this day and age it’s always important to make sure that your home is sustainable. Switch to energy efficient bulbs and not only will you get better value for money as they last longer and lower energy bills, but they’re also better for the environment. You should also try to use sustainable materials like wood and glass in your home instead of plastic, and try to go for recycled or antique furniture. Do your best to use eco-friendly, natural cleaning products that are good for the environment instead of products full of chemicals.

Improve Your Home Security


Make sure that your home security is top of the range. Invest in a good alarm system and make sure that it’s obvious that you have one from the outside of the house. A dog is also a natural alarm system! Ensure that all your doors and windows are fitted correctly and that they’re shiny and new-looking, as this will deter any opportunistic offenders. Over the holidays in particular, make sure that if you go away, you don’t make it obvious on social media, as burglars often frequent it looking for places to rob.


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