Wide Awake! Beauty Tricks For Even The Most Exhausted of Moms


Whether you’re the Mom of a newborn or rowdy teenagers, you have your work cut out when it comes to sleep. Just because you have exchanged your stilettos for sensible Mom shoes doesn’t mean you don’t care about how you look – the bags under your eyes rather draw attention. It just means you don’t have much time to care about it.


Hopefully, there are a few things you can learn to make even the most exhausted of Moms look and feel more awake. There’s no lengthy beauty know-how needed here; no 30-minute session in front of a mirror perfecting winged eyeliner.


These suggestions are quick, easy and all designed with the maximum impact to make you look as awake as possible. Feeling you look good can make a huge impact on your mood, so take five minutes and try out one of the following!


Instant Alert: White Eyeshadow Trick


White eyeshadow is a no-no for general, all-over-eyelid use. It’s predominantly used as a highlight to complement the curve of your brow bone – but it has another benefit to it also.


Wet your brush (using something like micellar water is better than tap water) and dab a little white eyeshadow onto the inner corners of your eyes. Keep it simple; we’re not talking great lumps of white blotches, just a subtle few dots of white. Do it right, and you will instantly look more awake.


It’s worth investing in a highly-pigmented product to get the best results. Click here for some suggestions or go and swatch at your local beauty counter!


Tea, Anyone? Peppermint To The Rescue




Peppermint tea is good for many ailments, though the area of the body it is most heavily associated with is the stomach. There’s another area it can help to focus on, though: the eyes.


Make a cup of peppermint tea using teabags (that part is rather crucial). Enjoy your drink while the tea bags cool off – put them in the fridge if you’re in a hurry. Once cool, apply the tea bags to your closed eyes in the manner you’ve seen cucumber slices used in every TV show featuring a spa scene.


Applying anything cool to puffy, tired eyes will make them look and feel better – but the extra zing of the peppermint gives this something extra.


Invisible But Powerful: Lip liner Made Easy




We all know that we should apply lip liner carefully to the outside edges of our lips. Lipstick is then applied with a brush, careful strokes building up the color before finishing by blotting.


That’s what we know. What we do, as our kids are demanding to leave right now and we’re trying to remember a thousand and one things? We slick the lipstick on direct from the tube and hope it doesn’t get on our teeth. Lip liner is forgotten, a novelty, not something you have the time to find.


Invisible lip liner is the answer here. Apply it like any other lip liner, carefully over the contours of the lips (don’t forget the cupid’s bow). You are then free to apply the lipstick itself as quickly as you need to, knowing it is already going to be contained within the confines of the liner itself. The real bonus of this is that you don’t need to match lip liner to every shade of lipstick you have – so you’ll save money too.


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