Delicious Christmas Treats For The Grown Ups


Christmas is all about allowing ourselves a few days over-indulgence, while we’re good for the rest of the year. While the kids get chocolate and cake until their heart’s content, sometimes it’s nice to add a little kick for the adults. Christmas treats are all about rich flavors, mulling spices, and getting a little bit more tipsy than you might have anticipated. These festive drinks are absolute classics and will go down a storm at any Christmas party you might be throwing.


Crockpot Cranberry and Orange Mulled Wine

If we don’t have mulled wine throughout December, then it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. The combination of the warming alcohol and rich and spicy flavor is absolutely perfect for winding down at the end of a cold day. The addition of cranberry and orange give it a really interesting, but still festive, sweetness that might be more palatable for someone who finds mulled wine too dry ordinarily. If you love your crockpot as much as I do, you’ll love this recipe. The benefit is that you don’t have to stand over a pan ensuring it doesn’t boil – the crockpot looks after it for you. Simply put a bottle of red wine into the slow cooker, and add two cups of OJ, a cup of cranberries, half a cup of brandy, and then cinnamon, cloves, half a fresh orange. Then all you have to do is cook on low for a couple of hours before straining, and drinking hot. Yum!



Spiced Eggnog

The luxurious eggnog is a Christmas favorite, and it’s always a little bit difficult to remember to drink it in moderation. Add spiced rum to your favorite eggnog mix – around an ounce per glass or to taste – and you’ve got yourself a spicy festive treat that even the pirates would be jealous of. You could even make your own eggnog if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. All you have to do is beat egg yolks with sugar, and add milk, cream, bourbon and nutmeg, and then some lovely softly whipped egg whites to get that luxuriously thick texture. Or you could just save yourself the hassle and buy it ready made.


Christmas Punch

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas punch recipe is festive, fruity, ridiculously easy, and absolutely delicious. Just mix 75ml of clementine juice (you’ll probably have to juice them yourself!), 300ml of cranberry juice, 150ml of Benedictine liqueur, and whiskey to taste. Add the seeds of a vanilla pod, and garnish with slices of clementine and sour cherries. A huge bowl of this at a party is a surefire way to guarantee your guests have a great time. You could even leave a bottle of whiskey next to the punch so people can add more if they’re that way inclined.


Christmas parties are all about indulgence, getting merry, and having a great time with the people you care about most. What better way to celebrate the year you’ve had than with these three deliciously adult festive treats?


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