Get Your Home In Order In Four Easy Easy Ways



What is it about January that makes you want to get your home in order? Perhaps it’s the chance of a clean slate and a fresh start that gives it such appeal. Whatever the reason I guarantee that I am not the only one who seems to be motivated to get my home in order. So I thought I would share with you some of the four easiest ways you can begin to get your home in order this new year.


Let’s get decluttering


Too often we keep things in our home we don’t need. So one job that can be done more or less straight away is a big clear out. Your family wardrobes, all your drawers, and cupboards gather things that you don’t need anymore. So why not donate them to charity or throw away unusable items? Or, if you just don’t have a need for it maybe someone else will. You could consider using websites like eBay to sell unwanted items and boost your income. Also, a good idea would be to go around your home and maybe update some photographs in frames or move some pictures around. Decluttering a home can have a huge impact without you spending a penny. A home that doesn’t look messy will always be appealing. Whether that is for selling or just spending time in it.


Re-decorate your home


Maybe you could consider adding a lick of paint to your home. Often just refreshing the walls, adding a feature wall to some of the most used rooms of your home, or even changing the theme around a little can all make your home feel fresh for the new year. There are plenty of home painting ideas to paint your home online if you do a little research. Choosing new colors can make your home feel instantly refreshed with very little money spent.


Add some light to your home


I appreciate that at this time of year you can’t guarantee that there will be a lot of natural light. But, opening up the curtains and blinds can transform the overall look of your home. Natural light is also really good for you. It can increase your energy levels and productivity in your home. Perfect for when you need to get things done, or even if you work from home.


Work out what you want from each room.


Another thing to consider is how you want each room to work. Once you have functionality for each room, you may want to consider if it is furnished correctly. You may need to purchase some more furniture. For example, you may have a spare room that you want to turn into an office space or a cozy area to relax in. You may want to the consider furniture that would adhere to this functionality. Like a new desk or a comfy new sofa. Some rooms may have changed as the years have gone by. Perhaps your favorite color has changed, or there are additions to the family to consider.


I hope this has inspired you to get your home in order this January.

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