Lost Your Mojo During Your Pregnancy? Here’s How To Get It Back!


Ah, pregnancy. For some, it is a joyous time in which we kick back and enjoy the feeling of our little one growing whilst we relax at home. For others, it can be nothing short of hellish, with mood swings and back pain following us around like a devil on our shoulder. The media gives a very one-sided view of what pregnancy is and how we should experience it. This is partially why so many women feel guilty about not enjoying their pregnancy, as it is seen as a time when we should be happy and ‘glowing’. If you are finding your pregnancy a struggle, it can lead to you feeling very down and some women even experience pre-natal depression. Therefore, every little pick-me-up counts! Take a look at these mood-boosting things you can do to make yourself feel great whilst you’re expecting.

Pamper yourself

When you are pregnant your body goes through some pretty serious changes. A lot of women find this difficult to cope with, as they struggle to accept their changing figure and worry about what will happen after the birth too. The important thing to remember is that you should cherish your body for what it is doing. After all, carrying a child for 9 months is a pretty big deal! You can think about your post-baby figure after your child is born, but for now, don’t worry about it. Embrace your pregnancy body by treating yourself to some fancy products that will make your skin and hair glow. It can be easy to forget about personal care whilst we are pregnant, but having an evening to yourself can really make all the difference. Run a hot bath, light some candles and indulge in some spa-worthy skin care.

Rock maternity fashion

For all the fashionistas out there, pregnancy can be a bit of a minefield. Once you are past a certain point in your trimester, your regular clothes are unlikely to fit you anymore. However, instead of being disheartened (they will fit you again at some point, promise!), try embracing maternity fashion. There are some amazing services out there such as Bump Box who can provide you with maternity clothing that’s anything but frumpy. You shouldn’t have to give up your personal style just because you are pregnant, so experiment and see what works for you.

Do something that doesn’t involve babies

When you are visibly pregnant, you may find that all anyone wants to talk to you about is the baby. Whilst this is exciting, and you may indulge in it at first, after awhile you may long for some ‘normality’. Keeping your own identity intact can be very important for new and expecting mothers, and it is important to remember that you still have a personality outside of motherhood. Gather some of your closest friends and explain how you feel. Then, go out together for the day, with any ‘baby talk’ being strictly prohibited. You will feel renewed again and having some time off from thinking about your pregnancy can do wonders for your mental wellbeing.


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