Buying For A Fussy Friend? These Gift Ideas Should Wow Them



When an occasion crops up, we can’t help ourselves but think about the gifts we want to indulge in. As our loved ones age, get married, have children and then their children age, get married and have their own children, we want to celebrate the milestones with them. But, sometimes, it’s not always that simple. If you have a friend or loved one that has their own taste, has everything they could ever need and is impossible to buy for, it can feel like a nightmare every time a new occasion crops up. So, if you’re looking for a birthday gift for  that one person you always struggle to buy for, take a look at these ideas for a little inspiration.




First of all, if you’re buying for a girlfriend or female family member, you might want to look into the beauty options that you have. There are so many different products available that you’re bound to find something to their taste. If they love very trendy drugstore makeup, buy a bunch that. Or, if they’re a fan of luxury beauty and skincare, invest in one thing that they’ll love. You could even think about getting a bumper pack, gift box or sample set that they could try out.




If the person in question has everything they want and never wants for anything, why not get them an experience? Depending on your budget, you could treat them to a vacation or short break away somewhere. Perhaps they’ve always wanted to visit a particular city, but have never gotten around to it. Or maybe they’ve always talked about going back to their hometown and never do. Or, it could be that they vacationed somewhere as a child and would love to go back. By booking an experience, you’d be making priceless memories with them in the process.





If your fussy friend or family member is a huge music fan, you’re probably thinking of different music related gifts that you could get them. You’ve probably gone over different CD’s that they could get, looked into concert tickets and thought about memorabilia, but your options don’t just end there. If they like to sing or compose music, you could even make them a CD with their music using a company like Nationwide Disc.




Then, you’ve also got the option of going down the memories route. If your gift recipient has everything they want, then they might even value the thought you put into a gift centered around memories. Think about the personalized gifts you could get, the photos you could give them or even sentimental items that hold a special place in both of your hearts.


Gift Certificates


And when all else fails, get a gift certificate. Not everyone likes to give gift certificates as they feel that they lack thought and originality. But when you’re dealing with a fussy friend, you might fail with whatever you choose. Instead, get them a voucher for their favorite store and present it in a pretty way. Then, they can choose something they actually like themselves.


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