Make Remodelling Your Kitchen As Easy As Pie

  Has your kitchen seen better days since first being installed over ten years ago? Are you green with envy over your friends glossy, white surfaces? Or is it simply just time for a change? The kitchen’s known as ‘the heart of the home’ it’s the place that has the most foot traffic and is probably where you spend most of your time either washing dishes, cooking meals or popping the laundry on so it needs to be hardy yet pretty.  


Do Some Kitchen Maths


  No, we don’t mean pulling out tape measures, laser pens or spirit levels but instead doing some simple counting to figure out your wasted space. Kitchens are designed around where you go the most often, so the microwave may be near or above the oven, the stove in the centre unit with the extractor fan installed above to whisk away any lingering cooking smells and the washing machine in a low unit so you can quickly pull wet clothes out. Over the course of the day count your steps and think about where you go the most. Look at where you most commonly used items are. For example, bowls, plates and cutlery are used every day so keep them as near the breakfast bar or table as you can.    



Consider Your Worktops  


  If you do lots of cooking, then you’re going to require quite a bit more prep space than someone who bakes the odd cake or two. Countertops come in various lengths, can be customized to fit your kitchen and are available in a range of colors, even sparkly black granite! Counter Tops STL have plenty to choose from and offer expert installing advice, so any questions you have will be soon answered. Do your kids love cooking? Why not have two different countertop heights so they can help without having to stand on a chair which is dangerous.



Store Your Knives Carefully


  Instead of keeping sharp implements such as cooking knives, carving forks, bread knives or corn cob spikes in the central drawer consider a separate one. This way, if little hands do open it up the risk of them cutting themselves is relatively minimal. Install a special knife drawer that has a slot for each knife, as well as being lockable and has a breadboard above it. This means that not only will you be able to see from a glance which knife you should use, if any are missing or if the handles need cleaning, but they’ll also be kept safely away from children. Remember, when handling knives, no matter how blunt you think they may be, always point them away from people and give yourself plenty of finger room when chopping vegetables.



  Pots And Pans


If you’re sick of tired of lugging heavy saucepans or cookware filled with cold, or hot water across the kitchen, or are afraid one of the kids is going to rush in and knock you, then this could be a nifty option. Install a swing out tap, otherwise known in the restaurant industry as a pot filler near your stove and you’ll be able to fill pots up quickly, easily and conveniently right where you’re going to heat them.

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