5-star Facilities at Home with This Hotel Bathroom Inspiration


A lot of people want their bedroom to look like a stylish hotel room. However, for many people, the best thing about a hotel is the bathroom. Some of them are indulgent and luxurious, with huge tubs or rain showers. If you like to spend a lot of your vacation in the bathroom, you could try bringing it home with you. Maybe it’s time for a new bathroom or you’re even building an entirely new home. Whatever your reasons for a bathroom redesign, there are some great tips you can take from hotels to get that sleek and modern design.



Use Prefab Design


If you go from room to room in a hotel, you will find that all the bathrooms are the same. If they’re not exact copies of each other, they will usually be very similar. Much of the time, bathrooms are added to hotels using prefabricated bathroom pods. They’re built off-site and then brought in with a crane. If you’re building a new home, this is a great way to bring a stylish new bathroom into the design. For one thing, you can see the bathroom almost completed before it’s added. It will just need to be plumbed in and for the electrics to be sorted.


Choose Style and Function


When you’ve got a bit of money to spend, there’s no need to pick either style or function. You can have both to create a beautiful bathroom that’s also very functional. Even if you’re on a budget, you can achieve both of these things, although it’s a bit more difficult. Many luxury hotel bathrooms use marble and similar materials for many surfaces. It looks great, and it’s suitable for using in a bathroom environment too. The more you can pay for functional elements, including showers and baths, the more you are able to get something that works well and looks amazing.



Include Luxury Features


If you want to emulate a hotel bathroom, you need to think about what you like best about them. Often, this will be the shower or the bath. Hotels tend to offer a top-quality shower, perhaps a rain shower or a large walk-in shower. Some have beautiful freestanding bathtubs, or perhaps even hot tubs. You might not be able to have more than one luxury feature in your bathroom. But if there isn’t space for both a bath and shower, pick one that you will enjoy the most.


Keep Things Cool and Clean


Most luxury hotel bathrooms have a sleek and modern look. It’s not necessarily a style that works well if you’re hoping to keep things homely and cozy. For a luxury hotel look, you should keep your bathroom design cool and clean. Stick to colors such as black, white, gray or cream. You can add some brighten colors, but you might not want to go too overboard. Use contrasting shades to create a dynamic look.


Turn your bathroom into a luxury room by taking inspiration from hotels. You can indulge in a beautiful bathroom every day.

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