9 Easy Ways To Make Your Man’s Birthday Great


Is the man in your life approaching another birthday?  If the celebrations fall early in the year, you may find that you are lacking a little in inspiration when it comes to getting a gift.  You spent the final months of 2016 putting together the best possible Christmas presents, so spending hours and days on yet another search for the perfect piece can seem like a hurdle you just can’t get over.  Here’s what your man wants this year…(and all you have to do is place the order!)



  1. Send him up, up and away with a flying gift.  You can choose a hot air balloon ride, or piloting a helicopter or small plane for a present that he will never forget!  Check out how to fly here, and start making his dreams come true.

2.  Get your gadget on and give your man a cool boy toy that will entertain him for hours, and allow him to impress everyone from small children to mates!

3.Give the gift of style with a beautiful new wallet.  A great wallet can add a lot to his look, and might even encourage him to spend some of that hard-won cash on yours truly!  Have a look at www.walletisland.com for more details.

4.Help to channel his inner Jamie Oliver with a course of cookery lessons.  Whether it’s basic techniques for simple dishes, or sophisticated French cuisine, your man will love the fact that he has plenty to show for all his efforts.  The great thing is, you’ll get to enjoy the results, so it’s the gift that keeps giving!5.

5.Crank up the passion by giving your partner an adult game that is just for the two of you to enjoy.  This is a present that could literally have him swinging from the rafters!

6.Make it stratospheric with the gift of a star.  Name the star after your partner to make it a birthday that stands out from all the rest.  Spend your evening gazing at the night sky together to pinpoint your star: he won’t forget that in a hurry!

7.Quench his thirst with a home brewery kit.  You can get everything you need to make the finest home made ale or beer within one box, and this can be a budget friendly option too.  What you can’t put a price on is all that extra time you’ll have when he’s busy creating the perfect beverage!

8.Give the gift of grandeur with a title.  It’s easy to buy the title of Lord (or Lady) for your partner, and you’ll get a certificate proving his new status – ideal for impressing friends and family.

9.Make some musical memories that will last a lifetime by following the great ideas here.



So, there you have it, the ultimate guide to buying a gift for your man, stress and heartache not included!  If you don’t want to brave the shops, just settle down with a cup of tea and use this guide to sort everything out online.  What could be easier?


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