Did You Know That These Everyday Activities Were Hurting Your Health?


We all know what it means to be healthy. Lots of fruit and veg, plenty of exercise, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep to name a few factors. But even when you do all of this, did you know there are things that you do every day that are damaging to your body? Here are just a few of activities you do every day that could be harmful, and better choices you could make instead.


Drinking Tap Water

Tap water can contain plastics, viruses, heavy metals and even parasites. Some of these things have been linked to harmful health conditions, which is hard to believe when it’s something many of us drink every single day without even thinking. There’s a simple way to remove the vast majority of these things, and that’s by filtering your water. Using filtered water in kettles too can also reduce limescale which while not harmful can massively impact the taste of your drink. Another way you can improve the water you drink is by using an alkaline filter jug. Alkaline water benefits include having the ability to neutralize acidity in your body, which is useful as acid can harm the body in many ways. Being too acidic can deplete the calcium in bones, cause damage to DNA and lots of other not very nice things. For the sake of filling up a jug from the tap rather than drink the tap water directly, it’s well worth doing for the numerous health benefits.



Eating Non- Organic Produce

Certain things are fine to buy non-organic, these are things with a thick skin which you don’t eat. So things like bananas, oranges, and melons. Others where you do eat the skin, however, are best to be bought organic. This is because the herbicides and pesticides used to kill weeds and insects can enter your body even after the produce has been washed. These kinds of chemicals are linked Alzheimer’s, cancer ADHD, and congenital disabilities amongst others. Pesticides also have the potential to harm the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the endocrine system so for the sake of spending a little extra on organic it’s worth doing it for your health.


Exercising In The Wrong Way

Exercise is of course absolutely crucial for a healthy long life. But exercising in the wrong way or performing activities that don’t suit your body can cause you more harm than good. High impact activities can aggravate knees, backs, and necks in people with pre-existing conditions. Performing strenuous activities that are beyond your limits can stretch and tear ligaments, and in the long run, lead to things like back issues and hip bursitis as a result. If you’re an exercise beginner looking to get fit, it might not be best to simply go for the burn. A personal trainer can help to show you the best movements, exercises, and routines for you and your current level. For some people, low-impact activities such as swimming, yoga and bicycling may be best.


Sitting in Traffic

Traffic is a pain and for many is a daily frustration. But did you know it was bad for your health too? Between the stress, fatigue and exhaust emissions it’s damaging both physically and mentally. Long commute times are sometimes just a downside of a job, and there’s not too much that can be done. But leaving early where possible and taking different routes where you can to avoid traffic can help in some cases.



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