A List That All Home Obsessives Will Know To Be True


For some, decorating is a chore they have to get out of the way. They will do it once, leave it and then keep leaving it to the point it can’t be ignored anymore. The process of refreshing their decor is something to be avoided, done only when they can’t move for paint and plaster falling off walls.

Then there are those who like decorating and remodeling their home; they don’t dread it, but they don’t love it either. It serves a purpose.

Then there is the little enclave in society reserved for the special ones among us. The Home Obsessives, who can barely walk through their house without finding a new project they want to embark on. We love decor, we love renovation and we’re passionate about them. Wandering through a home improvement store is not a chore to be gotten done as quickly as possible – it’s our idea of a good afternoon out!

Sound familiar? Then join the world of the Home Obsessive and give yourself into it, you’re among friends, and we all know…

  1. Projects don’t finish.

Of course they don’t finish! One project ends but then another begins. It’s a circle of life. There’s no point at which our home is complete and exactly how we want it, because by the time we finish one round, the thing at the beginning need a fresh.

  1. Bright sunlight is the enemy.

We’re supposed to love sunlight and crave it in our homes, but for a Home Obsessive, it can reveal some terrifying truths. In bright relief, we see that the plug socket isn’t totally straight; that there are paint brush marks on the wall and the skirting is scuffed.

With every close up, brightly lit view we get of our home, we find something else to add to the to-do list. Some days, you just wish for cloud.

  1. Nothing escapes your notice.

Other people might be able to handle trailing wires or hide dodgy bit of carpet underneath further, but not a Home Obsessive. We call the licensed electricians to get another socket installed to stop the wires and we will recarpet an entire room to fix a single issue. If you’re going to do these things, you might as well do them right, right?

  1. When A Room Is Complete, You’re Bored of It

Some people still have the same decor they had a decade ago – Home Obsessives barely have the same decor they had 12 months ago. You thrive on change and find anything staying the same for too long to be boring.

  1. Interior design photos and magazines are to be avoided.

You’ve learnt that you can’t appreciate interior design and decor photography without immediately wanting to rip out your entire house and start over. So you stay away from the magazines and Pinterest, because you know they’re your gateway to yet another project joining the to-do list

  1. You don’t care about any of the above…

… because it makes you happy and your home is on point. Home Obsessives: we’re doing it right.



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