Life Isn’t Difficult – When You Plan


When you’ve got children, it seems like you are battling against the world. Tips and tricks to keep them entertained that may have been passed down through the generations don’t seem to engage them nowadays; a good scrub is not no longer the recommendation for getting rid of most marks, and guidelines are forever jumping around (don’t get started on weaning).


There are, however, some simple changes that can be made around the home to combat some of the difficulties that you face, whether it’s material, physical or even just throwing some good old fashioned fun into the mix.


Moisture Maker


Allergies and skin conditions are becoming more of a common thing to hear about. This isn’t necessarily because they didn’t exist in past generations; we now have the internet, and as such we are becoming more aware of it in day to day lives, whereas previously we would not have known. There are many trigger factors to these conditions, and by checking your water you could be eliminating one of them. Hard water is known to cause dry and itchy skin, although there are water softener systems available to combat this. Keeping one step ahead of what may be a possible cause to your problems will always help you, regardless of what the

problem actually is.



Make Time


Make time to sit and plan your week. It could be getting up an hour earlier or staying up just that little bit later which gives you enough headspace to be able to sort it out, but this small sacrifice will be beneficial to you later. By planning your week you can organize your finances, your meals and even your cleaning rota. When you wake up without a plan of what’s to occur in your day ahead, you are liable to spend more and do less – think of online shopping, paying for a kid’s computer game or buying up food to sit in front of the TV with. If you had planned to do all of this then you can budget for it accordingly; if not, you may be in for a bit of a surprise when your next card statement arrives.



Go Back to Basics


Although it may seem that technology is taking over our lives, we are still blessed with parks, gardens and outdoor space to freely roam around in. Within that last sentence lies the operate word: freely. Put down the gadgets and go and take in what we are lucky enough to have available to us without exchanging money for it. It teaches kids the values in life as well as being good exercise for them and stretching their imaginations. Make it a regular thing and, if you can, plan it into your weekly schedule. Make it fun by setting challenges such as ‘Who can collect the most leaves?’ and ‘Who can tell me all the different types of trees?’ It’ll be a chance to learn as well as a game. Although things can be difficult, what you can do to combat it before it happens is a walk in the park .. sometimes literally!

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