Modern Homes Can Be Cozy Too!


OK, so when you think of the perfect cozy home what sort of image pops into your head? Like a lot of people, it might be an older style home, with an antique interior. But the fact of the matter is that this type of home is only one way of making a cozy living environment. In fact, you can have a thoroughly modern home that is warm and cozy too. Read on to find out how.


Better Insulation


One of the ways a modern home can be just as cozy as an older one is that modern building methods are much better are insulating houses against the cold.


Keeping an old house warm can be a constant struggle as many people that have lived in these sorts of properties will know. But more modern homes are built with cavity wall insulation and triple glazed windows all of which are excellent at retaining heat.


That means that while you might think an older home will be cozier, in fact in can seem cold and drafty. Especially compared to the newer builds that have all these insulative features.


Style Over Substance


Another reason a lot of folks see older home as more cozy and homely is that the style in which they are decorated. Yes, it true that an older home often suits a more antique and farmhouse style of furniture. As this can give it a more cozy look.


But the way in which you decorate you home is entirely up to you. You can buy brand new furniture that is is the farmhouse style. Then use it to convert a modern, new property into a cozy country looking cottage if that is what you choose.


However some people like the sleek modern style, along with all the high tech gadgets that go with it. But this too doesn’t have to be cold and unwelcoming. By prioritizing the colors and materials that you use in your decoration, rather than the style of the furniture, you can still get a very warm and cozy look in an ultra modern home. Take a peek at some Scandi home designs for suggestions and examples.


Home Heating


Many people have an image on an open fire in their head when you mention a cozy home. Yes, it is true that the cracking and dancing of the flames can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere to live in.


However, you don’t have to have a real fire for this. You can get a very similar look by installing a flame effect electric fireplace instead. Which has the added bonus of being much safer and cleaner too. Check out articles like this one on best electric fireplaces to help you make your choice.


Modern Comfort  


Something else people forget about the cozy older decor in houses is that while it may look charming, it isn’t actually that comfortable.


Think of it is these terms: would you rather spend the evening a wooden chair, or sprawled across a soft and supportive sofa? Remember developments in technology have resulted in much more comfortable furnishings for you home. Which will contribute the overall cozy effect.

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