Are Our Children Safe to Stream?


Long gone are the days of the VHS and fast approaching is the end for the DVD (if you take recent statistics into account), as the act of streaming seems to be the platform of choice for all movie-lovers and binge-watchers alike. The communal free-for-all that are on demand services make hundreds of titles in all genres easily accessible for all those who wish to sign up. But with such an array of choice seemingly in such close proximity to one another, are there enough restrictions in place so that someone who isn’t meant to see something, well, doesn’t see it? Namely, how safe are these services for our children? How can we be sure that they won’t log in with the intention of watching Paw Patrol, only to end up watching Paranormal Activity? Here, we take a look at the safety procedures in place for the latest viewing craze.


Streaming apps are designed with the intention of having their interface being as simple to navigate as possible; for the most part this being one of their unique selling points. For instance, the ShowBox App, learn more about this app. Obviously not for us, the grown-ups, who should be overjoyed at such a platform; but does its easy accessibility make it far too easy for our kids to end up with something wholly inappropriate to be playing out before their young eyes?



Another unique selling point of streaming services, from the start-up ventures to the market leaders — such as Spotify which is one of, if not the, leader in music streaming — is the ability to tune into them on any device, at any time, anywhere whilst still using one account. Although this multi-device accessibility makes it impractical to attempt vetting the actual usage of the apps provided by the services, the fact that it is all accessed through one account means that what is actually viewed is controllable. Netflix, for example, offers the owner of the account the chance to make certain accounts only able to access the child-friendly content found on the service. So, although us parents may not be physically able to watch our children, we can do so electronically — for more tips on how to maximize your potential to do so physically in your home, click here.


You should be safe  in the knowledge that there are safety procedures in place and should feel encouraged by them to be able to enjoy your own streaming experiences, whilst letting your children enjoy their shows also. You can be happily content that when they are glued in front of whatever device is streaming before them, they that are in fact safe.


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