The Importance of Calm in a World of Chaos: Learning How To Rest and Relax


When life is go go go, time to rest or relax feels like nothing but a luxury. When you’re juggling work or school, family life, a social life, hobbies and everything else it can feel like you never stop. But finding time for rest and relaxation is so important, not only does it allow you to stay productive but it’s essential for your health too. Excessive stress can cause high blood pressure, mental health issues, digestive issues and in the long run even lead to diabetes, stroke and heart attack. Here are some of the ways you can work rest and relaxation into your life.



Have an Early Night

Having a social life is great, but every once in a while why not forfeit that late night at a party with friends for an early night? Instead of watching one more episode in the box set you’re addicted to, you could save it for tomorrow and head up to bed instead? It might not be the most exciting option, but your body will certainly thank you for it- especially if you’ve had a busy week. An early night now and again will help you to repay your ‘sleep debt’ and keep your body functioning and working well.


Have a Massage

Massage promotes wellbeing, feelings of relaxation and can ease painful stiff muscles. There are plenty of self-massage techniques you can practice on your limbs, hands, and feet or you could rope in a partner to help. Alternatively, you could book in at a spa and have a professional massage. This is something you could do with a friend, so you get to relax and socialize at the same time! Another option would be to purchase a massage chair. A good model will allow you to enjoy a full body massage every day. You could have it while watching tv in the evening or relaxing with the family. The perfect way to melt away the stress of the day with no additional effort on your part!


Run a Hot Bubble Bath

Hot baths are a great stress buster. The hot water unknots tense muscles and the relaxing environment helps to lower blood pressure. It gives you quiet alone time to just switch off from the world. Adding some bubble bath or aromatic oils and lighting a scented candle will make it feel extra luxurious. You could pamper your skin and hair with hydrating masques and then slather on lots of rich body butter once you’re out. Invest in some big fluffy bath towels so you can wrap up when you step out, and work on your bathroom so it’s relaxing and spa-like.. So skip the quick showers and make time for an indulgent bath instead.


Getting rest and relaxation in doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and these are just three of the ways you can fit it in around your regular busy life. It helps to bring stress levels down which is good for you both physically and emotionally.


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