The Less the Better: How to Realistically Cut out the Things You Don’t Need in Your Home


You’ve heard the phrase ‘less is more’, right? It is the notion that simplicity and clarity lead to good design, and having a good design in your home is always grand, but having space and tranquility in it is surely even better?


Now, you could become a Minimalist, and there are many benefits of doing so, including: a home that is easier to clean, less of a focus on material possessions and more on life itself, a healthier bank balance and less stress. But is the life a Minimalist really, genuinely, achievable when you have two to three children, the oldest of which being only six? A perfect home for a Minimalist is having a home with only 100 possessions inside of it; your children’s toys probably make up three quarters of that limit already. It would be nice in a clutter-free house like a Minimalist does, but those previously mentioned toys just have a habit of jumping out of their box and cluttering the living room floor every chance they get, do they not?


Fortunately, your children’s toys will de-clutter themselves as they grow up, but there are other things in your home that need cutting down on, or cutting out altogether, in order for your home to be happier. First of all, there is your own clutter to contend with. You know the stuff: all those old clothes that you made countless memories whilst wearing in your youth, but can can longer fit in; all those old VHS tapes; all the books you at one time loved but haven’t even dusted in nigh-on-twenty years; and all those condiment packets that you ‘swear will come in handy one day’, despite the fact they’re two years past their sell-by date. All of these things aren’t going to de-clutter themselves, so it’s time to take action. Sort thing into three piles: things you need, things you don’t need, and a small pile of things you aren’t sure about which you can come back to once your head is a bit clearer. And if you still find yourself struggling to kick the hoarding habit, click here for more advice.

Secondly, strangely enough, cutting out the noise can bring a whole lot of peace to your home. Those hot summer evenings, when you have no choice but to turn the AC on, are ruined by the sheer volume of the machine, are they not? To counter this, acquire a portable air conditioner that makes as little noise as possible. Click here for the quietest portable air conditioners.


And if all else fails, of course, there’s always downsizing. It doesn’t mean you’ve given in, it just means you’re being practical. What would be the point in rattling around a house too big for a family of six, when there’s only three of you? Read these top ten tips for downsizing.


Until then, try not to add to the mountain of hoarded objects you already own.


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