Wait! Don’t Make An Offer On A New Family Home Until You Make Sure It’s Clear Of These Issues


It’s easy to go to see a new home for your family and get excited about the prospect of moving. So you might look around and not focus on faults that are around. But if you aren’t checking it properly, you could end up with significant problems which could put your kid’s health in jeopardy. And not only this but if there are major issues in your new home, it might cost you a small fortune once you move in. Therefore, don’t make an offer on a new family home until you make sure it’s clear of these issues.





When you are going around your potential new home, you should make sure you keep looking up at the ceiling. It’s particularly important to do so in the bathroom and the kitchen. After all, you might end up spotting damp in the property. And this will need to be discussed before you put in an offer. After all, if the damp is historic, it might be fine to move in. But if it’s something you are going to sort, it could be an expensive cost for your family. And not only this, but it could also be dangerous for your kids if they move in straight away. If your child suffers from allergies or asthma, the damp could potentially cause them to have an attack. Therefore, talk to the realtor about the damp straightaway, so that it doesn’t become something you regret later.




It can be hard to spot pests, especially if they are of the small kind. But if the house has a pest infestation, it could end up causing you huge issues. For one thing, pests can often do damage to a property. Issues such as chewed wires and poor structure can occur if there are pests in the home. And not only this, but your family could be in harm’s way too. If the pests bite, your child could end up with red marks all over their body. And other pests which carry illnesses could make your kid very poorly. Therefore, look around the house for signs of pests. It could be spotting pests droppings, or you might be able to smell a musky smell. And if you want a second opinion, it’s worth contacting a pest control company. They can check over the home and see if there is a pest issue. And you could always set up a regular maintenance schedule with them so they can keep pests away for good.




When you go in the toilet of the new property, you need to make sure that it is not blocked. You might want to flush the toilet to see what happens. After all, you don’t want to move in and find that there is blocked drains. Otherwise, you will be paying out for a plumber as soon as you move into the home. If there does appear to be an issue, talk to the realtor about it. After all, it might be a simple problem the current owners can sort out quickly. But you need it sorted before you move in with your kids. After all, it’s not very hygienic and could make them ill.


And if you need some help getting your kids sorted in their new home, you can read my previous blog for some tips.

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