Sleeping Like A Baby: Your Guide To Sleep As A New Mom



Why do we say sleep like a baby? When most new babies only sleep for a couple of hours at a time? I guess it refers to the fact that they haven’t got much to worry about, so they get a restful sleep? But when you are a new mom, you sleep can be anything but restful. In fact,  getting up to feed and change every few hours, while still trying to run your home, and look after the kids can be pretty taxing. But are there any ways that you can help to improve your own sleep quality and pattern, which will allow you to feel a little more like your old self? Read on to find out.


Sleep when baby does in the beginning


The first thing you need to consider is whether you are sleeping enough when Baby is? It is not only Baby, that is going to get tired in the day. But it is Mom too! That mean it is totally acceptable to sleep when Baby does. So you are rested and feel alert when they are awake.



It can be very hard to get used to this for some new moms as they don’t want to relinquish their old sleep routine. But just remember that it doesn’t have to be forever. It is just for the first few months or so. Or,  until you can baby into a better routine. Just be compassionate to yourself and cut yourself a little slack in this area for now.


Get baby off to sleep easier


You can also maximize the time and quality of your sleep when you have a new baby, by doing things that will help them get off to sleep a lot quicker. There are many suggestions of how to do this, and it’s best to try and few, and find the ones that work best for you.


For example, you may find that giving Baby a bath with a lavender product designed for newborns, can help make them a little more sleepy at bedtime. Or you could use something like a baby sound machine. Which can help promote sleep in young children. Other moms find rocking or singing to their kids the best way to get them off for a nap.


Make sure your bed is a comfortable space


Something else you will become very aware of when you have a new baby is now comfortable your own bed is. If it’s not that great, it might be contributing to an even poorer quality of sleep. Which, when you are only getting few hours here and there, isn’t very practical.


That means you need to ensure your bed is as comfortable as possible, so you can feel rested when you wake.


The best solution is to get a new bed, but afford this, try a mattress topper and some new pillows to improve comfort instead. Or, if you are finding it too cold in your bedroom, you could always try an electric blanket.

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