Show Him You Give Edam: Gifts For Men On Valentines Day


Christmas seems like an eternity ago and we are already a month into 2017.  That means one thing, it’s time to start thinking about presents again! There are loads of guides as to what to buy ‘her’ for Valentines, so let’s take a little look at the best gifts to show the man in your life how loved he is.

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They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and they aren’t wrong.  There are very few men who don’t like a saturday afternoon graze, especially after a long week at work.  How about one of these delicious Cheese Hampers to let him know you care?  Worth buying a hamper for two so you can try and get in on the action!


Men are gadget hungry so look around for handy solutions to their everyday needs.  If he’s a wine drinker this fantastic air pressure bottle opener is a brilliant gift. Or give him the latest gadget fad, a drone.  Drones can be used indoors or outdoors with cameras attached they are a fantastic excuse for getting him out on a romantic stroll.


Men need pampering too so why not whisk him off for a couples massage.  At this time of year there are plenty of deals to be had and chances are he’ll enjoy the experience of being completely pampered with you by his side.  Unless he’s a real modern man, he’s probably never experienced the complete joy of a spa massage!  We featured this on our ideas for Christmas so have a peek at that post for a few extra ideas left over from the festive season.  There are loads of beauty products for men available. From cologne to moisturizer and all that’s inbetween!


If you man is the active type there are a haud of gym gadgets to get him swooning.  The Sensoria Smart Sock is for runners who want to get the lowdown on how well they run and tips on how to improve this over the time.  This gadget works with your phone to really crunch the numbers and is a great bit of tech.  For swimmers there has been a lack of ability to play music whilst you train, but the Finis Neptune uses bone conduction audio to pump music into your brain without the need of ear plugs.  Music is known to help push your performance when working out, so he’s sure to thank you for this.

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Go super romantic and buy him 12 red roses, the rose is a symbol of love it isn’t exclusive to gender.  Plus, if you live together, you’ll get to enjoy them too! There is nothing wrong with buying a man flowers, ladies.


A lot of men don’t buy into Valentines Day but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse to show them how much you love them and let them know they are appreciated.  So get planning, cooking him a fantastic dinner and send him some love this February 14th.


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