Tackling The Scary Stuff: There’s a Solution For Everything

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If you keep a to-do list, do you have items that live on there? These are the things you copy across from one day to the next, and from week to week and month to month. Or, when something scary is approaching do you put it off until the very last moment, too scared to even think about it? If you recognize this behavior, welcome to the club. You are certainly not alone.


If we all absorb what we read on social media, we would understandably believe that everyone is living fun, carefree lives. That they prepare aesthetically pleasing, ‘clean’ food each day and eat it with fancy cutlery. The reality is that we all have problems and some of these keep us up at night. And despite the bouts of snotty crying and dark circles under our eyes, we just filter them out with a handy Instagram filter. You are not alone.


Eventually, those tasks we’ve been putting off will catch up with us, and we’ll have to tackle them anyway. So, it’s wise to do them now and avoid that sick feeling each time we read our to-do list.


Struggling To Make Ends Meet


Money worries are one of the most common concerns that keep people up at night. This includes debt problems, struggling to pay the bills, and not having enough money to comfortably live on. Sometimes these problems can seem overwhelming, and there appears to be no solution. However, every problem can be resolved. Sometimes it’s a case of facing the inevitable and other times it’s about asking for help.


For example, if you’re struggling with the stress of a heavy mortgage, it might be time to consider selling up or downsizing. This may seem devastating right now, but once you have accepted that reality, you will soon get used to a different way of living. Many companies will assist you to sell your house fast, despite your circumstances. And it’s important to remember that this is the situation right now. This doesn’t define you. Things change, and you will have lots of future opportunities to get back on track.


Once you have tackled the problem, you will begin to feel better, and you can put steps in place to budget and avoid this recurring.

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Relationship Not Working


You’ve been arguing for months now, possibly even longer. You know in your heart of hearts that things are just not working. However, the outcome of a breakup would be devastating. There may be children involved and property to think about. And you’ve never lived alone before now. So you keep on holding on, in the hope that things will get better. They might, of course. But is that likely if you don’t make some changes?


You have a few options here. You could acknowledge the problems together and work on them, but it’s likely you’ve already gone down this route. You always have the option of seeing a couples therapist, or you could just cut your losses.


If you’re flailing and don’t know where to start, make an appointment to see a professional. Whatever your concerns, whether they’re custody-related, financial, or emotional, an expert can guide you through the processes.


Medical Worry


This is another common concern. A while ago you noticed a strange mole or a bump on your skin, or perhaps you’ve had a cough you can’t shake off. You’re worried sick about it but are afraid to see the doctor.


There is only one solution to this problem. Take a deep breath and make an appointment right now. The likelihood is that your concerns will be unfounded. In the majority of cases, symptoms will be due to minor ailments. Your doctor will be able to set your mind at rest, and you can go on with your life.


Accepting difficult possibilities is often the hurdle when you’re worrying. But once you have mastered this, the anxiety lifts, and you can reach a solution. And remember, this blip or bump in the road doesn’t define you. Yes, this is your position right now. But you’re not done yet.

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