Comfort Zone: 5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozier


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The bedroom should be the coziest room in the house. It’s your private place for resting after a hard day’s work, a place where you can forget about all the stresses of life and relax. Changing the décor of your bedroom can have a psychological effect on the level of calm you feel. Here are a few changes that you yourself can make.


Use calming colors


Keep your bedroom serene by employing colours that give off an air of peace. Lavender, lime green and cobalt blue are all colours that can psychologically have you feeling more relaxed. Bold colours such as reds and yellows may encourage feelings of stress. You should also try to keep to a colour scheme – too many vibrant colours can create a discordant feel that may make you feel less as ease.


Choose cozy curtains


Curtains with flowing textures can help create a heightened sense of comfort within the room. If you need absolute dark to sleep, try using blackout curtains to block out the sun in the morning. In summer you may wish to switch to something cooler such as sash curtain combined with black out blinds. Avoid office blinds or official curtains that may remind you more of work than home.


Make your bed more inviting


You can’t have a cosy bedroom unless you have a cosy bed! Use thick duvets in the winter and thin blankets in the summer. Load up on pillows and cushions (sites such as are great sources for these) to create a bed that you want to collapse into after a tiring day. Most importantly, invest in a decent mattress. Memory foam is now all the rage – go down to your local store and test its comfort out.


Keep your toes warm


Waking up to cold floorboards, or worse tiles, can make getting out of bed on those early mornings even more of a chore. Consider carpeting your bedroom or cut costs and buy a rug. Thick carpets and rugs can be great for sinking one’s feet into, but they are more difficult to hoover. Some rugs may be easier to clean in the washing machine.


Cut down on clutter


Mess encourages stress. If every surface of your bedroom is covered in stuff, find a way of cutting down on the clutter either by buying more storage or getting rid of belongings. Culling your wardrobe can be a therapeutic way of decluttering – some have gone so far as to do away with wardrobes entirely and adopt rails. Find a home for make-up and toiletries so that they aren’t all scattered everywhere – a bag or chest can make for a nice feature. Note that you can also buy some beds that contain storage space underneath. Beds that are raised on the ground on legs can often reveal clutter whereas those with inbuilt storage conceal it. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is in many situations true.


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