Convince Yourself You’re A Morning Person: The 1-2-3 Of 6am



Ask people whether they’re a morning or an evening person, and the answer you get may depend on what time you ask it at. For instance, if you ask a morning person in the evening, they’ll yawn and say “Morning, definitely morning”. If you ask an evening person in the morning, you probably have a few seconds to duck while they fumble around for something to throw at you.


The disparity between people who are morning types and those who aren’t is an odd one. Some of us do get cranky in the evening, sure, but it’s really not on a par with those of us who hate mornings. It probably has to do with the combination of two things. One, the fact that mornings usually mean going to work, and two, the fact we really like staying in bed.


There is no getting around it; the world is set up for morning people. You may not be one at heart. But sometimes, you need to force it – blend in and at least pretend. It’s going to be hard, but let’s get through this together.


Step 1: Get The Adrenaline Pumping



You know you’re not a morning person when you open the curtains cautiously hoping that the roads are blocked by snow. In July. Outside of any extreme weather solution, you need to create some enthusiasm for something.


Music streaming services are extremely versatile these days. All of them will allow you to set up playlists that are full of noisy, powerful music. During the afternoon, this music is the kind of stuff that would make you jump ten feet in the air. Now, all it needs to do is get you out the door. Try streaming to yourself in the shower for an additional wake up boost.


Step 2: Your Cup Of Morning Joe



Dolly Parton sang about “pouring [herself] a cup of ambition“. However, you probably don’t have a jar of ambition in your kitchen right now, so make do with coffee. Invest in the best drip coffee maker you can find, and set it for five minutes before get-up time.


You’ll wake to the smell of brewing coffee, and drag yourself towards it. Drink as much as it takes you to feel like your best self. Stop there, though. Too much and you’ll be sent home from work for trying to fight a coat rack.


Step 3: Protein, Protein, Banana, Protein



The hardest part of trying to get up and out in the morning is a lack of energy. It makes you feel listless and often pretty ill at that time of day. It’s essential to get some protein into your system as early as possible, whatever form that comes in.


A good tip is overnight oats. Mix some oatmeal with milk in a bowl, and leave it in your fridge overnight. Add anything (within reason) that makes it more appealing. Nut butter is a good idea, as it contains a lot of protein. Top the whole mix with banana for slow-release energy, so you’re not flagging by 11.30.


Do all of this, and you still may not be a morning person. But you’ll be able to pretend you are, and that’s what matters.


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