Essentials For Gadget-Loving Chefs


Are you a self-confessed gadget fan? Or are you a busy mom looking to save precious seconds when you’re making drinks or rustling up healthy meals for the kids? If so, here are some must-have appliances and time-saving gizmos for your kitchen.


A blender

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve probably come across people showing off their healthy smoothies or the inner workings of their juice diet on social media. It’s that time of year when we try and embrace healthy eating, but having a blender isn’t just about eating healthily. It can also save you time when you’re preparing meals, and you can get the kids involved. With a blender, you can create everything from lean burgers and comforting soups to exotic juices and vitamin-packed smoothies. If you have a hard time trying to get your children to eat fruit and vegetables, smoothies are a great way of making healthy food more accessible and appealing. If your kids are old enough, let them help with the prep work. If they’ve had a hand in the creation, they’ll be more likely to want to taste the fruits of their labor.



Easy peeling

If you don’t have much time, the last thing you want is to spend hours peeling vegetables. With an electric peeler, you can get the job done in no time at all. You can also buy potato chippers and spiralizers, which are great for cooking zucchini and carrots.


A coffee grinder

Are you a big coffee fan? If so, you’ll understand the difference between a mediocre cup and a blend that blows your mind. It’s not all about the beans you use or the blend you buy. It’s also about the grinding process. If you don’t already have a coffee maker or a grinder, it’s worth doing some investigation and reading reviews. You can buy machines with integrated grinders that’ll make you feel like you’re in a coffee shop without leaving the kitchen. If you’re feeling really fancy, you could also treat yourself to a milk frother and a stencil for your cocoa powder sprinkles.



All-in-one frying pan

Nobody wants to devote hours to washing up or try and keep an eye of five pans at the same time. Thankfully, with innovations like an all-in-one frying pan, you can find a solution to both these issues. You can cook everything in the same pan, and you’ve only got one pan to wash at the end of it all. The pan is sectioned off into different areas. It’s a great option if you enjoy eating cooked breakfasts or you’re making meat or fish dishes and serving them with a range of vegetables.


If you’re a talented amateur chef, a busy parent or a gadget fiend, you may be interested in these kitchen must-haves. These gizmos won’t just make life easier and improve the taste of your food and drinks. They’ll also save you time. Search online to read reviews or visit a local store and ask the assistants for recommendations.


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