Preparing The Perfect Kids’ Party



Arranging a kids party takes a lot of planning – and patience! If you own kids weren’t enough to deal with, you now have the task of having to look after other parents’ little ones. In the early stages, you may be able to get away with the basics, but as your child grows up hosting the perfect party will become trickier. You should never go overboard – keep spoiling your kids and they may expect more every year. That said, you should aim to make memorable. Here are a few ways to host the perfect kids’ party.


Time it right


Timing is everything from when you host it from when you start planning. Coming up with ideas a couple months in advance can allow you to shop around and get the best deals. It also gives you adequate time to arrange who is invited.


To avoid having to deal with meals, arrange the party between 1 and 4 on a weekend.


Arranging invites


The nature of your party will depend on who is coming. Decide whether it’s going to be a kids’ only event or if family are coming. Sometimes it’s easier to have separate parties for each, especially if there’s food as adults will expect proper food, whilst kids may prefer something child-friendly.


Print off invites for your kids to take to school, or save money and come up with an electronic invite. Do this a couple weeks ahead to maximize the amount of people that are able to come.


Get creative with the cake


Every kids’ birthday needs cake. Make it a party that stands out by personalising the cake in some way. This could involve making it out of your kids’ favorite ingredients (i.e. a chocolate cake if they love chocolate) or personalizing the shape of it around one of their hobbies. If baking isn’t your forte, you can always ask other parents and throw a few pounds their way for their kindness.


Tire them out


Bored kids misbehave. Try to incorporate activities into the party that tire them out. Generally the more creative, the better (for example, check out this bubble soccer for sale). Puzzle games can be great for engaging the mind as well. You can even offer prizes of sweets and toys to help spur kids on. Towards the end of the party, you should then encourage downtime as parents arrive, either by putting on a film or letting them take part in an arts and crafts activity.


Goody bags


Giving out goody bags ensures that guests go home with something. You don’t have to splash out here – most kids will be grateful to get a goody bag regardless of what’s in it. Try not to load in too many sweets, especially if your party ends at 4 and the kids parents’ have all planned dinner afterwards.


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