You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine…


The sun has been around for a pretty long time – around 5 billion years give or take a few millenniums. It has been the subject of worship for many, supposedly created by God on the first day (so must be pretty important) and without it, we wouldn’t be able to live. It’s kind of a big deal.


Let’s take a look at the uses it can provide other than giving a really good tan



You can the sun to fuel your home


It’s not uncommon now to see solar panels adorning the roofs of houses, whether in sunny states or not; any sunshine is good sunshine. The most brilliant factor for any frugal moms out there is this – solar energy can save you money. It’s as simple as that, and is the reason that so many people are now using it as their main source of energy for their homes.  But wait, it gets better – especially for those who the sun shines down on for most of the year – any unused energy that the solar panels converts for your home can be sold back to the electricity grid. So not only are you saving money, but you are making money … for doing nothing but sitting back and enjoying the sun! Oh sun, what a star you are (literally)!


You can use the sun to make stuff grow


We all learn about The Greenhouse Effect in school, right? About how the sun provides heat rays that get caught in our atmosphere to get us all up to an acceptable temperature that we can actually, you know, like, live in. So put the science theory to test with your own greenhouse and start growing your own army of plants. Not only will it become a little hobby for you, but you can sow fruits and vegetables for you to harvest later on in the year and use in future meals. Not only is it fun to do, but it’s frugal too! Ah, look at our good pal saving us money yet again.


You can use the sun to heal


Therapy by sunlight is no new thing. Years ago, back in Ancient Greek times, it was called heliosis and practiced across the nation. Nowadays we call it heliotherapy, and we are using the Vitamin D that the sun provides to the best of our ability. Not only is Vit D good for strengthening our immune system and lowering our blood pressure, but there are a myriad of other solutions it offers: weight-loss, a cure for mild depression and stronger teeth are just a few. During the time of the World Wars, soldiers were using natural sunlight to help heal wounds. In the present-day we aren’t doing that so much, but housewives across the land will tell you about how sunlight helps to kill any mold spores that you may have growing on fabrics; simply put them on a washing line to catch the rays and the mold will be gone without the use of bleach. Saving the environment one step at a time!

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