Arguments At Home? There’s An App For That!



Could technology be the answer to your home arguments? If you are constantly getting in rows and rants with different members of the family, perhaps it’s time to look at a few new, exciting solutions. You might be surprised at just how great tech can be at cooling down a room and I’m not talking about the thermostat. Here are some examples of how technology can tackle the argument at the cause.


Never Enough Bandwidth


This always happens in big homes filled with kids. Once kids reach a certain age, they start to become more independent. That means they won’t be watching TV with you or films all the time. Instead, you might have your daughter in one room online, your son in another playing a game while you’re downstairs trying to binge Netflix. Well if your internet isn’t fast enough something’s going to have to give. Either, your son will be hit with lag, your daughter will be dealing with slow speeds or you’ll be stuck at buffering. None of these scenarios are brilliant, but there is a solution. You can get high-speed internet and ensure everyone is able to go online at the same time. Companies like WaveDirect Telecommunications are even providing high-speed connection in rural areas. So it doesn’t matter where you live, you can still use this solution.


Playtime Is Over


We mentioned gaming and I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there worried about how much time kids spend playing games online. Luckily, Nintendo have come up with a clever solution to this conundrum. With their new console, you can set timers that will alert kids when they’ve exceeded their amount of play. You can even switch it off remotely if necessary. You don’t even have to be in the house! Your phone will tell you if they’ve been playing for hours and you can decide when enough is enough. If you look online, you’ll find this isn’t the only form of tech like this.


Private Yet Safe


As kids grow up they want their privacy but you want to make sure they stay safe. These days, it’s possible to get internet reports. This means you can find out exactly what your kids are getting up to online without actually taking their phones. The best way to handle this is to alert kids it’s happening. This will encourage them to avoid any areas of the web they’re not supposed to be. They’re privacy is still in place. While you’ll have access to sites they visit, you won’t be able to see what they’ve done on them.


Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Bright, Too Dark


Finally, we’re all different, and it’s about time your home learned this. With a smart home control, that’s exactly what happens. Your home will learn the different preferences of each family member and change to match their desires or needs. It’s such a cool way to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and happy in their own space.


We hope you see now how useful technology can be. So say goodbye to arguments and say hello to a healthy, happier home.


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